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HEV: High End Visualization

Dual rheometer simulation visualization in the NIST CAVE

We have developed a virtual measurement and analysis laboratory in a 3D immersive virtual environment using a CAVE hardware configuration and a software visualization system. The software enables developers to create visualization applications that can run on both a desktop workstation and also in an immersive virtual environment such as the NIST CAVE.

Our High End Visualization (HEV) system is a flexible framework for visualization application creation. Our system design provides two main abstraction points: renderer display output and run-time renderer control. Abstracting renderer display output enables our system to run a single binary on both desktop workstations and immersive environments without change to the visualization application. Abstracting run-time renderer control enables our system to provide a large set of small, flexible tools that can be composed with input data to easily develop visualization applications.

HEV enables researchers to use visualization in a feedback loop to inform and drive model creation and simulation development. This loop starts by visualizing either simulation or experimental data based on a model. The HEV modular framework then applies interactive quantitative measurements in the Immersive Environment to refine the model.


Data Visualization
Scientific Visualization
Information Visualization
Immersive Virtual Environments (IVEs)

Created March 27, 2018