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Our High Performance Computing (HPC) program enables work on challenging problems that are beyond the capacity and capability of desktop computing resources. HPC can be used to address the most advanced problems for which no current solutions are known, and it can be used to study difficult problems that require large computing resources. We work on both types of problems.


Current HPC technology broadly consists of:

  • Leadership systems, such as the Department of Energy INCITE systems.

  • Production Systems, such as clusters

We work on both types of systems. For example, our work on the Rheology or Flow Properties of Concrete (see pages 15-16 in the latest INCITE report) is an example of a Leadership Computing project. Our work on Nanostructure Modeling and the Computation of Atomic Properties are examples of our projects on Production Systems.

We address both measurement science problems of great importance to industry as well as basic measurement science that forms the infrastructure for a broad range of scientific and industrial endeavors.

A double-helix rheometer measuring the viscosity of mortar.
Created October 18, 2010, Updated March 29, 2018