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National Council for the American Worker

In July 2018, the White House release an Executive Order Establishing The President’s National Council For The American Worker. The purpose of the council is to develop policy and strategy recommendations related to improving the workforce in America. The Executive Order also establishes an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board to offer diverse perspectives on how the federal government can improve education and training for American workers.

“The rapidly changing digital economy requires the United States to view education and training as encompassing more than a single period of time in a traditional classroom. We need to prepare Americans for the 21st century economy and the emerging industries of the future. We must foster an environment of lifelong learning and skills-based training, and cultivate a demand-driven approach to workforce development.”


Comprised of senior Administration officials, the National Council for the American Worker is charged with developing a National strategy for training and retraining the workers needed across high-demand industries. The group will convene voices from the public, private, education, labor, and not-for-profit sectors to enhance employment opportunities for Americans of all ages.

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 The American Workforce Policy Advisory Board will provide advice and recommendations to the inter-agency National Council for the American Worker on ways to encourage the private sector and educational institutions to combat the skills crisis by investing in and increasing demand-driven education, training, and re-training, including training through apprenticeships and work-based learning opportunities. The Board is comprised of 25 members, appointed by the President, from the private sector, employers, educational institutions and states. 

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Created May 8, 2019, Updated May 9, 2019