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Education and Training Provider Resources

Resources listed below include materials aimed at helping instructors, educators, administrators, and training providers in building materials, sharing information with students and learners, and more.

K12 Resources

Project Lead the Way Cybersecurity Course (Course Mapping) – A course with several lessons aligned to knowledge and ability statements from the NICE Framework. 

Post Secondary Resources

NICE Challenge Project – real-world cybersecurity challenges within virtualized business environments that bring students the workforce experience through the completion of tasks aligned to the NICE Framework. 

Using The NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework To Develop A Cybersecurity Legal Awareness Course – a newsletter article (from National Defense University).

NSA DHS CAE KU Mapping to NICE Framework – an examination of the relationship between CAE-CD KUs and NICE Framework via a spreadsheet with a preliminary mapping between the CAE-CD KUs and NICE competencies. 

Training Providers

Illustrative Mapping of Certifications to the NICE Framework – a matrix that allows one to see what commercially available certifications may be of value to a particular work role of the NICE Framework.

CompTIA Certification Mapping – See how CompTIA certifications map to the NICE framework categories and specialty areas. 

Cyberbit Alignment with the NICE Framework – The Cyberbit Range supports the NICE Framework, allowing meaningful hands-on training that covers KSAs for select Categories and Work Roles. 

(ISC)² Certification NICE Framework Map – (ISC)2 has aligned the skills, tasks, and domains encompassed within their entire portfolio across the NICE Framework.

DHS NICCS Education and Training Catalog – a central location where cybersecurity professionals across the nation can find over 3,000 cybersecurity-related courses. All of the courses are aligned to the specialty areas of the NICE Framework.

Sans and GIAC Certification Alignment – SANS and GIAC Certifications are mapped to the NICE Framework. For ease of use, a downloadable .pdf and an Interactive Map utilize the work role as the basis.



Created November 13, 2019, Updated December 2, 2019