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Success Story Catalog​

These brief summaries focus on why and how the organization used the NICE Framework, emphasizing the variety of approaches and benefits, typically including results and lessons learned. Success stories highlight NICE Framework use by individual organizations (company, not-for- profit, government agency) or a group of organizations within a sector. U.S. and non-U.S. organizations may be featured.​

For more information regarding the creation and submission of success stories, see Guidance on Preparation and Review.​

​NIST does not validate or endorse any individual organization or its approach to using the NICE Framework.

California Cyber Innovation Challenge​
By Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute ​
Use: Talent Management
Success Story​

By Secure Decisions​
Use: Cybersecurity Education and Evaluation​
Success Story​

Competency Program​
By Lynx Technology Partners​
Use: Functional Competency Assessment and Development Program 
Success Story​

Cybersecurity Curricula​
By Morgan State University​
Use: Create Learning Outcomes​
Success Story​

JPMorgan Chase & Co. ​
By JPMorgan Chase & Co. ​
Use: Workforce Development and Mobility ​
Success Story​

Navy COOL and MilGears​
By U.S. Navy Credentialing Programs Naval Education and Training Command ​
Use: Talent Management​
Success Story​

Created February 10, 2021