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Success Story Catalog​

These brief summaries focus on why and how the organization used the NICE Framework, emphasizing the variety of approaches and benefits, typically including results and lessons learned. Success stories highlight NICE Framework use by individual organizations (company, not-for- profit, government agency) or a group of organizations within a sector. U.S. and non-U.S. organizations may be featured.​

For more information regarding the creation and submission of success stories, see Guidance on Preparation and Review.​

​NIST does not validate or endorse any individual organization or its approach to using the NICE Framework.


By Secure Decisions​
A web application that scaffolds educators, subject matter experts, and authors though four workflows to create an educational, branching web comic.
Use: Cybersecurity Education and Evaluation​

Cybersecurity Curricula​
By Morgan State University​
Cybersecurity courses that cover a variety of areas in computer science, computer engineering, and information systems. 
Use: Create Learning Outcomes​

Cyber Skills Curricula
By: Cyber Skills
Courses designed to provide relevant cybersecurity skills for the career-focused professional. 
Use: Curriculum Design

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Canberra Cyber
By University of New South Wales (UNSW)
Cybersecurity courses at postgraduate and undergraduate levels. 
Use: Mapping Training and Education Courses



California Cyber Innovation Challenge​
By Cal Poly California Cybersecurity Institute ​
A cybersecurity championship for the State of California that focuses on providing California middle and high school students an engaging introduction into cybersecurity.
Use: Talent Management

National Cyber League
By Cyber Skyline
An online, performance-based, learning- centered collegiate cybersecurity competition held twice a year during the academic spring and fall semesters. 
Use: Measure Skills

President's Cup Cybersecurity Competition
By Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
A national cybersecurity event aiming to identify, challenge, and reward the best cybersecurity talent in the Federal workforce. 
Use: Talent Management​

Social Engineering Competitions
By The CARE Lab, Temple University
Competitions that highlight scenarios that emulate how cybercriminals are increasingly leveraging exploitation of human behavior and socio-psychological factors in cyberattacks.  
Use: Cybersecurity Education and Evaluation



Cloud Range Performance Portal
By: Cloud Range
A controlled and immersive attack simulation platform that enables security leaders to improve their organization’s cyber readiness, test processes and playbooks, and measure and track capabilities. 
Use: Workforce Development

Competency Program​
By Lynx Technology Partners​
A program to help organizations ensure that they are hiring, developing, and promoting the right people in the right positions. 
Use: Functional Competency Assessment and Development Program 

JPMorgan Chase & Co. ​
By JPMorgan Chase & Co. ​
A workforce development strategy to provide employees with a platform that enables them to have more transparency into the expectations of technical job families.
Use: Workforce Development and Mobility ​

Navy COOL and MilGears​
By U.S. Navy Credentialing Programs Naval Education and Training Command ​
A web-based hub that consolidates information on certifications, licenses, apprenticeships, and growth opportunities that correspond with each Navy rating and Officer Designator, collateral duties, and leadership roles.
Use: Talent Management​

By: Q-Mission® Corp.
A training platform that provides a safe, realistic environment to conduct exercises, measure skills, and enable continuous learning to develop a more knowledgeable, capable, and confident cybersecurity workforce.
Use: Workforce Development 

Created February 10, 2021, Updated April 16, 2024