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Previous iEdison Updates (2022)

Release Notes

12/22 (v1.0.23) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to):  Non-Provisional Patent Extension request did not display the estimated extension date like other extension requests do; Clear notification(s) on real-time as opposed to daily/overnight; Add an notification for agencies after a contractor/awardee elects title; Updates to funding agencies listing; 280 notification not clearing; Investigate why 400 notification(s) has not gone away despite setting fiscal year; Profile: Organization Administrator - Address same as the Organization checkbox not working; Profile:  Contact person same as the administrator checkbox not working for "Organization Contact Person"; Allow users to search patent by partial Patent application number without the format; Unable to search for Inventions and related patents; 260 and 400 notifications aren't being cleared; Ensure that requests are removed from the agency's queue on outstanding requests after it is approved/denied regardless of whether the user has acknowledged; Significant lag time when pulling up discussions, records; Primary agency can start a discussion; Move Created date, modified, and last login date for profile to the bottom of the screen; Non primary institution has read only access to discussions; Primary agency can clear a discussion notification; Add a new notification for Primary Institution; Error when generating a Standard Report -> Summary Report; Saving User Role error in log; Saving App User errors in log; Add Invention Docket Number into Request Search; Add disclosure_accept_date to the monthly report; Change the frequency of current monthly reports to weekly; Continuous updates to iEdison REST API specification document; Access Denied when Receiving Institution tries to accept Invention Transfer; Production Deployment Pipeline is not working after Ubuntu 20.0.1 upgrade; Bulk Upload to create a note is not working; Bulk Upload for large utilization creation failed; Add ID attribute for the listed web elements; Invention API does not support Other Funding Agency in Funding Agreements; Update resetElectionStatusAsGovernmentTakeTitleForDOE daily job to include DOE Waiver ID check; Bulk upload Utilization manufacturingWaiver is not working; Profile: User with Multiple Organization Admin roles not showing top task bar.

12/08 (v1.0.22)- deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to):  Add Audit Event and Data for Invention Request; Add Audit Event and Data for Patent Request; Change dashboard notification default to All Time; Add search by Organization name on Notification filter screen; Design and run set of automatic tests to be included in regression test; Confirmatory License shall have non-provisional application number as the priority; Error uploading CL; Title Election Due Date listed under the Invention Status Section of the Invention Report is not updating to the new date when a Title Election Extension has been granted; Notification 220 not cleared when patent already voided; Notification 180 is not clearing; Allow ability to change the Title Election Status to "Does Not Retain Title" without an accepted invention disclosure; Allow ability to change the Patent Status to "Abandoned/Intent to Abandon" without accepted CL/GSC; ; Add ability to upload an invention disclosure document in an Invention Report in "Does Not Retain Title" status; add ability to upload a GSC or CL document in a Patent Report that has been set to "Abandoned/Intent to Abandon"; Add Title Election Status to Request Search Screen; Create new Disclosure Rejection reason "Disclosure if Not Dated"; Add "Invention Title" to the default Search screen for inventions; Add wildcards in search fields in Invention Report Number and Funding Agreement; Add Grant/Contract Number and Grantee/Contractor Organization to the Notification Search Screen; API - Update Patent Parents for a Patent is not being saved

11/28 (v1.0.21) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): Logging out when opening a new tab; CL notification not always being generated when needed; Add Org Code to manage profile screen; Corrected Patent Report generation problem; Standard Report - Grant Report - Organization to not include inventions with transferred status; Add created, last modified date and modified by to profiles; Ensure admins listed on Org Registration are successfully invited to iEdison; Regression Test Script - Submit Invention Report; Update System Generated Dates in the system to use user's timezone for display; Allow users to search patent by Patent application number without the format; Ensure clearing of 260/280 notification message when patent status is set to Abandoned/Intent to Abandon; More auditing logs for updates to patent; Correcting USPTO sync to update automatically; Correct issue of inability to find notification 100; Ensure document viewability; Profile: Bug on saving Contact Person Audit event; Correct error generating standard reports; Add environment indication to organization approval email generated from non-prod; Uploaded Other Document file did not show up in Draft Invention; Clear GSC related notifications for provisional or PCT records with a rejected GSC but directly linked non-provisional with an accepted GSC; Recursive Patent Relationship added incorrectly; Update GitLab CI/CD Pipeline to enable FIPS and non-FIPS AWS RDS connection; Use same person record for administrator and contact when registering External Organizations; Patent status Expired shall be only available to non-provisional patents; Ensure sorting feature on Custom Report works as expected; Disable agency users from seeing requests for other agencies; Create email templates for System Account registration process; Bulk upload require Grantee/Contractor org value; Change Army/MRMC to Army/MRDC; Ensure full file name and file type is included when downloading document using the API; Title Election Due Date listed under the Invention Status Section of the Invention Report is not updating to the new date when a Title Election Extension has been granted; CustomReportGenerate null pointer exception; Disable Submit/Save button on submit record pages after it has been clicked; Research on test automation tools available.

11/10 (v1.0.20) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): Remove funding start date in funding table UI; Allow to query for all attachments via API; Update default filter to include Applicant Contacted on Manage Organization Registration; Provide UI to allow agency users to download dump data; Pre-populate send to with POC email address when rejecting/inquiry new org submission; Delete Draft Error on production logs; Display issue on the graphic; Solve notification 310 message problem for organizations without Fiscal Month; Message 290 discrepancies; Daily Invention Bar job to update the bar_date; Increase disclosure file size limit from 25MB to 50MB; Registration link failed; User receive error 500 when Login with an expired JWT token; Revisit Custom Report logics and consolidate the database methods; Notifications 310 and 5310 with due dates between 10/2/2022 and 09/30/2023; Organization Size  - PROFILE_OWNER.OWNERSHIP_CONTROL_TYPE.OWNERSHIP_CONTROL_TYPE_CODE; Add functionality to create a help desk ticket for disabling the institution; Notification 280 not cleared when a ORD patent had been reported; Cron job to populate the current iEdison database with migrated organization size; Profile dependency check results & Vulnerabilities resolution; Core dependency check results & Vulnerabilities resolution; Other documents not uploading correctly; USPTO sync is still not updating the applicable iEdison fields automaticaly; System account submission shall generate email notification to iedison [at] (iedison[at]nist[dot]gov);  Hibernate holds onto open connections - profile project; Patent Issued Date in custom report; Mapping of mime types to a simplar type; Unable to change primary funding agency indication; UAT Instance - 500 error is thrown when clicking on "Visit Profile" in System account

10/27 (v1.0.18) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to):  No new notification shall be generated from records reported to inactive agency; Develop generic Active Organization check handler; Document type options; Institution User need to start a Discussion for a number of "READ ONLY" inventions; Add Bayh-Dole Version to custom report; Grant report should include all patent applications; Add Action menu on Read Only inventions and Patents; Email template 1553; Emails from templates 1570, 1572, 1574, 1576; Standard Report - Grant Report - Agency PDF formatting issue; Standard Report - Grant Report primary and non-primary funding grant indicator; Hibernate holds onto open connections; Update ISA template; Change PCT label; Node.js 12 in AWS Lambda ended support; Change production server type; Updating the non-provisional application number doesn't update the UPSTO pulled in data; Patents reported under same Invention aren't showing up on the available parent list; Incorrect last invited date on user profile screen and missing last invited entry; Apply GSC notifications removal rules on provisional or a PCT record for grand child records; Unable to access patent docket; Remove Signature Authority email address from new organization submission page; Delete Draft Error on production logs; Allow admin to resend an invite to canceled users; Inventions date stamp; In Custom Report, separate the field Funding Agencies-Supporting Grant(Contract) Number into Funding Agency and Grant(Contract Number); Inventor Name search does not list name even if name exists in database; GSC accepted 235 instead of GSC rejected messages 233; able to pull the shared_iedison dependency from gitlab;Custom Report Got 500 Error when Saved and Adding Filter to it; Cannot find the attachment file that generated notification 290; Why Org user unable to find 10000 notification from search; Filter all inactive institution from the Invention Report drop down menu when creating a patent; Filter all inactive institution from the Invention Report drop down menu when creating a utilization; Notification search result different count when reset is used; Unable to change invention disposition status; Update Barred Invention Daily job to exclude Inventions with Title Election Status = "Does Not Retain Title";  Error in updating documents with a new version; Increase the HttpServletConnection to retrieve user information from profile and connection timeout value; deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): Document type options for the Other Documents upload in Invention and patent pages

10/14 (v1.0.16) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): User received error 500 when Login with an expired JWT token; fixed bug for super admin on download report; added iedison_nonce cookie for login

10/13 (v1.0.15) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): Allow funding agency user and agency admin to open attachment files on invention and associated patents; Compliance Report Dates; Non-primary agencies should not be able to submit or close discussions; Email templates amended/corrected; Corrected non-provisional application with a 280 notification; Add Regression/Smoke Test Stage to .gitlab-ci.yml; Corrected error 500 when return from a rejected org; Ensure report name are unique when cloning Custom Report; Ensure Last Run By field is populated on Custom Report page; Prevent change to Organization profile Utilization fiscal year starting month field after month is populated; Incorrect date for US Application number; OpenID Connect logout changes for; Invention status & Guidelines Acceptance Date; Set Type Of Applic in Patent table to be NOT NULL

10/07 (v1.0.14) - deployed updates to address issues, including (but not limited to): Investigate and eliminate duplicated audit data records; clearance of all notifications stops weekly email; Administrator info is missing on Registration Details page; Custom report details not saved; Unable to update invention due to duplicate title; New user unable to save profile changes; Allow Patent Update API to update status to "Abandoned/Intent to Abandon"; Approved non-provisional extension does clear notification 265/5265; Adjusting the Title Election Due date for extensions that were granted prior to the launch of the new system; Ability to re-reject GSC; Closed discussion appear to be closed by another user; Unable to save signature authority within Org profile; UpdatePatentAPI endpoint to reset the uploaded data; Utilization FDA Commercial Product Validation error; An approved extension did not take into consideration when generating notification 265 and clearing 260; Change Patent Application Type from ORD to PCT where needed; Notification 100 did not account for an approved title election extension request; Some existing PCT application numbers still have 5 digits after the last slash; Profile User invitation email update to include link expiration date; Updating a disclosure document via the API does not work; Include the expiration date in the invitation email; Ensure the SPT environment is operating as expected; Terms and Conditions Acknowledge Page Doesn't Display Org Name; Remove "OTHER" from Funding Agency dropdown menu for Primary Agency; Existing primary agency should be able to change primary funding agency.

09/22 (v1.0.13) - deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to): Errors in iEdison logs; Update Database constraints for Patent Application Number uniqueness; UI Display of Upload date for records with create date=1955; Patent docket number disappears after entered Application Number; API error when updating patent; Notification 280 and 5280 not clearing when an invention status is set to "Does Not Retain Title"; Search by Inventor Name call method; Org Users getting notification of document upload under Govt. Notes; Grant report should include all patent applications even if both are in a single record from the legacy system; Under score in PCT application number; SQL Injection vulnerability detected by WebInspect; The Provisional Filing is due to expire, generated without corresponding org notification; User unable to complete the invite validation process; ReportDao.getReportById throws NumberFormatException; Custom report /pages/generate/custom-report.xhtml generates bad query; Value too large for column;  NullPointerException in UtilizationReportSearch.init(); NullPointerException in CanReportOption.init();  Add new columns to patent table to support the CL and GCS upload dates; Agency cannot change Title Election Status on Barred invention; Update to use Database Sequence Value as primary ID; Create a new Oracle sequence in iedison_owner for REPORT and REPORT_COLUMN tables with name REPORT_SEQ and REPORT_COLUMN_SEQ; Invention/Patent/Utilization tree cause high CPU

09/15 (v1.0.12) - deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to):  Report null pointer exception; Need to Abandon Patents before you can select "Does Not Retain Title";  Organization does not exist error; Organization name conflict; Unable to convert invention report to child report if certain reports exist; Select All notification functionality; Changes to availability of real-time email notifications; Designated as Biological Material status and ensuring no active patents are associated; Creating a Patent when Barred Issue; Corrections to Grant Number standard report; Correct display of funding on parent-child inventions in resulting patent reports; Failed to override confirmatory license error; Agency admin unable to save BDA version change when Utilization already reported; Changes to notifications allowed/not allowed in order to submit an assignment request; GSC notification on a provisional or a PCT record; Unmatched USPTO record still populated USPTO data; Archive email template not working; Create patent via API failed; Standard upcoming date report errors out; Reported Dashboard filter not working; Change password link in my profile takes the user to sandbox; Fix Invention organization + docket number duplicate data errors; Utilization submission from Submit Reporting does not work; Add Additional Search Fields to Invention and Patent Search; USPTO status sync look is incorrect; Save API and Bulk upload utilization created_app values; Unnecessary Connection Abandoned log entry in log files; Fix error when uploading bulk upload | Utilization.

09/08 (v1.0.11)- deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to):  Wrong Troubleshooting Email Address on Registration Page; Include Confirmatory license upload date on Custom Report; Patent record the link to download the CL is grayed out; Problems approving an extension request; Org name not displayed for users with multiple org user roles; Clearing requests; Notification messages (310) for utilization reports showing up for inventions where all the patent rights have expired; Enable name change in organization profile for iEdison Approvers; Outdated CL due to funding agreement change; Empty notes can be added for Explanatory notes; Receiving Gateway 508 error; Grant Number error; Transfer requests notifications; Failed Saving existing Invention in log; API allow same Invention Docket Number be created for more than one invention; Agency admin unable to save BDA version change.

09/01 (v1.0.10) - deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to):  Clicking on the logo reached the error page; User profiles search result doesn't show role status correctly; Role Type dropdown menu on Manage Users page not working; Notification search export in Excel missing Docket Number; Invitation link expired right after created; ISA on system account cannot be downloaded;  not able to download CL and GSC document associated with an Abandoned patent; Agency Grant Number entry validation on regex string and example; Invention transfer issue; Unable to convert invention report to child report; Profile: Add Grant Format in Agency Profile does not allow user to select start and end date; Entered data often disappears during the creation of a patent; Update Database constraints for Patent Application Number uniqueness; Draft Invention is not showing in Dashboard; Standard Grant Report Generate Empty Report if No Patent Link to Invention; Typo in Invention Search Results; User needs to start a Discussion on "READ ONLY" inventions; Organization Registration Approve Error; Saved draft inventions not found;  Ability to Reject already rejected GSC and/or confirmation license; removal of additional field in Confirmatory Licenses.

08/25 (v1.0.09) - deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to):  Unable to locate user using User Profiles page on the UI; Active Institution is Null; Error on Profile Registration Notification Data replacement; Patent parent-child Association save error; CustomReportManager query error on could not resolve property: null; Profile: contactPersonAddress null on registration page; Inventor Lookup SQLGrammarException; Grant number format error; Unable to retrieve draft inventions; UAT Banner/Disclaimer; SMTP_RECIPIENT_LIST contains demo email addresses; Reset doesn't clear the Organization Name; Notification 280 did not clear; Notification 5310 and 310 aren't clearing; Custom report on all Utilization fields receiving error 500; Signature authority and full business address not auto populated on Confirmatory license; Org cannot edit existing Utilization record; An invention BARRED when listed as "Licensed as an Unpatented Biological Material or Research Tool"; iEdison System reports incorrect of "Date Invention Submitted to Agency on report; problems saving Utilization Report; Disable Organization email subject replacement "Profile Status Updated for {organization name}"; Agency unable to edit title election date; Generated confirmatory license form with null values;Organization registration email approval email not going out; Typo in generated PDF

08/23 - deployed update to address problem with invitation emails

08/22 - deployed update to address accept invitation link

08/18 - deployed updates to address reported issues, including (but not limited to): Logout from Profile applicant not working;  Profile: Contact Applicant Email link to edit organization registration not working; Update contact email address to iedisonhelp [at] (iedisonhelp[at]nist[dot]gov); Patent API updates; Database error on save report; User Search Can't Find Certain Users; User only associated with one Org but select Org screen still appear after login; Grant Number character increase maxLength to 50; Investigate and fix checkbox for Utilization not working properly on Custom Report; New Organization registration did not save UEI; Problem with editing First Publication/Sale/Public Use Date; Need to invalidate the session when user logout; Problem creating patent on Barred Invention; Convert Msg 221 to 220; Organizations should be able to enter the B&R Code field; Multiple UtilizationSearchReport null pointer exceptions

08/16 - post-launch update to address reported bugs

08/12 - post-launch update to address reported bugs

08/11 - post-launch update to address reported bugs

08/10 - post-launch update to address reported bugs

08/09 - post-launch update to address reported bugs

The new NIST iEdison system launched on August 9th, 2022. The new system included a number of updates and upgrades:

  • Updated user interface
  • Ability to initiate discussions with the agency staff within an invention record using two-way communication
  • Ability to indicate when inventors are U.S. federal employees
  • Ability to select whether the 2018 Bayh-Dole regulations or the previous Bayh-Dole regulations apply to your invention
  • Increased request submission capabilities
  • Streamlined Patent and Utilization Report creation directly from the Invention Report
  • Integration with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database to ensure accuracy and reduce recipient reporting burden
  • Ability for a child patent to claim priority to two or more parent patents 
  • Optional real-time email notifications to both recipient and agency users for notifications regarding certain required reporting and reviewing actions
  • Standardized, pre-built reporting available in addition to custom report building ability
  • Enhanced security with dual authentication login through
  • And MUCH MORE!


Created May 12, 2023