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Science Afternoon Topic Areas - Physics

Science Afternoons Topic Areas - Physics

From Invention to Marketplace

NIST scientists:

  • Gregory Cooksey
  • Javier Atencia
  • Drew Hirshfeld

two men looking at a scanning electron microscopy
Credit: NIST
Scanning Electron Microscopy

NIST scientists:

  • Andras Vladar
  • Brad Damazo
  • Mike Postek
  • Prem Kavuri
  • Bin Ming
  • Kate Klein

Focus on Color and Perception
Maritoni Litorja

NIST scientist:

  • Maritoni Litorja

Solar Energy with Teachers
Focus on Solar Energy

NIST scientists:

  • William Healey
  • Tania Ullah
  • Brian Dougherty

Properties of Light

NIST scientist:

  • John Lesoine
Properties of Light, Scattering Demo

Focus on Infrared Energy

NIST scientist:

  • Joe Rice

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Created January 26, 2012, Updated December 6, 2013