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Focus on Color and Perception

Teachers with Maritoni Litorja

Science of Color

Teachers with Maritoni Litorja

The afternoon began with Dr. Maritoni Litorja, known as Toni, speaking about her background and work at NIST and about the science of color. Toni is in the Optical Radiation Group, and her work focuses on how the information from light and imaging can be used to provide new information through new measurements with greater confidence.

Her group is especially interested in the use of imagine in medicine, such as using new kinds of imaging, including hyperspectral imaging in which an entire spectra of each pixel is taken, to help doctors differentiate among the many shades of red in the open abdomen of a surgery patient as he searches for an elusive bile duct, or "surgery by color".

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Created November 17, 2011, Updated August 25, 2016