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2011 Archive Science Afternoon

Archive for 2011 Science Afternoons

January 18, 2011

Focus on Transcription and Translation (How a Gene Works) - explores how to move a gene into a harmless bacteria with a protein result.

  • Dr. Alison Kraigsley

March 16, 2011

Focus on Water, Water Everywhere: How Can We Understand It?

  • Dr. Chandler Becker

May 12, 2011

From Invention to Marketplace

September 28, 2011

two men looking at a scanning electron microscopy
Credit: NIST

Scanning Electron Microscopy

  • Andras Vladar
  • Brad Damazo
  • Mike Postek
  • Prem Kavuri
  • Bin Ming
  • Kate Klein

November 14, 2011

Focus on Color and Perception

Maritoni Litorja
  • Maritoni Litorja

December 14, 2011

Solar Energy with Teachers

Focus on Solar Energy

  • William Healey
  • Tania Ullah
  • Brian Dougherty

Created January 28, 2011, Updated October 1, 2012