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New York Governor's Letter about Centennial


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March 2001

Dear Friends:

It is a pleasure to offer greetings and congratulations to all members and those affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology as you celebrate this centennial year.

The United States is home to various institutions that enhance the growth and development of our economy and are invaluable to maintaining a sound quality of life within the communities across our Nation. Founded on March 3, 1901 as the National Bureau of Standards, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) was the first physical science research laboratory created by the federal government to promote the development and application of new technologies, precise measurement methodologies and universal standards for commercial products.

For 100 years, NIST has made solid contributions to image processing, DNA diagnostic "chips," smoke detectors and automated error-correcting software for machine tools. By providing these elements of technological progress, NIST has helped to lay foundations for innovative research, economic growth, and improved quality of life within America. As we begin the 21st century, all Americans look forward to new opportunities and a future that brings continued greatness to our Nation and its people.

Congratulations on marking 100 years of advanced science and technology.

Very truly yours,

George E. Pataki



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