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Why ExporTech™ was Developed

ExporTech™ is a must do. It made us organize our thoughts into a logical roadmap, to take us from where we are to where we want to go. And we shifted from passively responding to opportunities to actively exporting.

—Dante Pietrinferni, President of Packing Progressions, Inc (PA)

MEP has become increasingly focused on helping manufacturing companies generate top line revenue growth. ExporTech™ was developed because MEP recognized that manufacturers cannot rely only on the domestic market for growth. 95% of the world market is outside of the U.S., and the purchasing power of billions of new consumers is rapidly increasing in emerging economies. At the same time, competition in domestic markets is fiercer than ever, and more and more companies are turning to international markets to offset declines in domestic sales. In addition, of those manufacturers that do export, over 40% sell to only one country, and over 70% sell to four or fewer markets. MEP identified a significant opportunity to help manufacturers aggressively expand into global markets.

MEP also recognized a need to provide intensive support for companies as they develop export growth strategies. Research conducted by MEP and the U.S. Commercial Service (USCS) indicated that company leadership is challenged by the process of developing export plans and strategies - and not just by the management of export mechanics (such as documentation, shipping or compliance). Further, there was a need to explore new models of intensive export assistance to expand reach, by serving groups of companies rather than one at a time. To foster global growth, and to assist companies with export planning (in an efficient group project format) MEP collaborated with USCS to develop ExporTech™.

Interested in learning more about ExporTech™? Contact your local MEP Center .



US commercial service and NIST MEP logos

ExporTech™ is deployed using local MEP Centers and the U.S. Commercial Service as well as other partners including District Export Councils, state trade offices and other federal, state, and local partners.



Created April 7, 2014, Updated January 6, 2021