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ExporTech™ Video Resources

These videos supplement the speakers and topics we bring into ExporTech™  sessions. They are intended to provide information only on selected topics where it can be difficult to find speakers/experts in some regions. Some of these videos were produced by NIST MEP for ExporTech™ . Others were produced by other organizations. They are intended to be used outside of sessions by participating ExporTech™  companies (though they could also be viewed in session). In general, we have only included videos that are 1.25 hours or less, as our primary audience is executive leadership. Videos and resources are available for the following topics: International Marketing for ExportersForeign Market ComplianceWebsite GlobalizationU.S. Export Compliance and Distributor Legal Agreements


International Marketing for Exporters

Foreign Market Compliance

Related content: ExporTech™  compiled list of information sources on Foreign Market Compliance. Date: July 12, 2017

Related content: ExporTech™  developed foreign compliance case studies of exporters. Date: June 2017.

Website Globalization

Recorded webinar on website globalization – co-produced by ExporTech™  and IBT Online. Date: Feb. 23, 2017.

Online video training on website globalization at Export-U2. This site is operated by the University of Georgia SBDC International Trade Center, in close collaboration with its partners at the U.S. Export Assistance Center - Atlanta, and partially funded by SBA.

U.S. Export Compliance

Videos to purchase or rent on the basics of U.S export compliance, ITAR and incoterms. (The basics of compliance video has been purchased by many ExporTech™  facilitators – they may have a copy available to review.)

Distributor Legal Agreements


US commercial service and NIST MEP logos
ExporTech™ is deployed using local MEP centers and the U.S. Commercial Service as well as other partners including District Export Councils, state trade offices and other federal, state, and local partners. 


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Created August 8, 2017, Updated November 15, 2019