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What is Unique About ExporTech™

If you want to open up business in international markets, ExporTech™ provides the knowledge and valuable connections. It gave us confidence about what we needed to do, and awareness of things we were not doing right, and ensured that everything was smooth and legal, and that we could pursue international without fear of the unknown.

—Tom Sanders, Managing Director of Coherent Technical Services Inc (MD)

Structured Process—Vetted Plan

This is the only national export assistance program that leads companies through a structured process to develop strategic export growth plans. Further, it provides an extraordinary opportunity to discuss and vet the plans with a panel of experienced international businesspeople. It would be nearly impossible for companies to obtain that type of input on their own.

Efficient Connection to Experts and Organizations in One Place

No other program brings companies together with such a wide range of world class experts and organizations in one place. Many companies are astounded at the support available for exporters. These organizations help companies navigate the export sales process, resulting in huge time savings. Companies have opportunities to work with these experts one-on-one throughout the process.

Execution and Go-to-Market Support

Because of these partners, ExporTech's™ ability to help companies execute their plans is second to none. The MEP network can assist companies with manufacturing capacity and product development, while the US Commercial Service, District Export Councils, state international trade organizations, logistics companies, ExIm Bank, regional banks, attorneys, and other service providers can assist companies with going to market and export plan implementation. In some cases, partners also provide funding to offset the costs of going-to-market.

Customized, Innovative Sessions

The innovative group sessions are not your standard "death by Powerpoint." ExporTech™ sessions go beyond typical training programs. Agendas are customized to the needs of the specific companies in each group, and one-on-one consultations with experts, as well as planning exercises and tools, allow companies to extract information specifically relevant to their company and its strategy. The process prevents companies from getting lost trying to navigate the oceans of available information on their own.

C-level Peer Group - Propels Action, Learning, Networking

ExporTech™ offers a C-level peer group model that propels action, as it is difficult to drag your feet when you have to present your plan to peers and a panel of successful exporters. Further, the most effective learning during the program is often peers learning from each other. Finally, the focus on top leadership - and what they need to know about how to be successful – ensures that the program drives client results.

3rd Party Verified Results/ROI

The program has a proven track record of impressive results for clients – documented by 3rd party surveys (commissioned by NIST). Most consultants and many export programs do not rigorously measure client results as we do.


US commercial service and NIST MEP logos

ExporTech™ is deployed using local MEP Centers and the U.S. Commercial Service as well as other partners including District Export Councils, state trade offices and other federal, state, and local partners.



Created April 7, 2014, Updated January 6, 2021