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Highlights of Our Work

Here is some of the work that the Systems Integration Division is doing and how this work supports American manufacturing.

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3D Printer
Credit: Minkus

Additive Manufacturing Material Database

The AMMD uses open data access and material data sharing to help the additive manufacturing (3D printing) community establish new correlations between processes, materials, and parts.


Cybersecurity lock
Credit: TheDigitalArtist


SID has two software tools for making systems more secure:

Baseline Tailor—software for navigating the US government's Cybersecurity Framework and navigating NIST's security control.

SCAP Composer—an app that makes SCAP source data stream collections.


CAD Model from the Digital Thread Project

Enabling the Digital Thread for Smart Manufacturing

This page lists the resources and accomplishments that came from the Digital Thread for Smart Manufacturing project, which dramatically improved the repurposing, reuse, and traceability of information throughout the product lifecycle.


Putting the pieces together
Credit: Science in HD

Enhancing Maintenance Strategies for Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing processes are becoming more complex each year. The Systems Integration Division and Intelligent Systems Division are working to increase reliability and decrease downtime in manufacturing systems so they can stay up-to-date with these new processes.


NIST PMI Test Model

MBE PMI Validation and Conformance Testing Project

A test system that measures how well CAD software conforms to ASME standards for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing.

Credit: Science in HD


The Nestor Graphical User Interface is a free toolkit that helps maintainers annotate their Maintenance Work Order (MWO) data through a process called "tagging."

A photo of a manufacturing floor, possibly manufacturing construction materials.
Credit: Pixabay

Score: the open source platform for data exchange standards

Score is a platform created by SID and the Open Application Group (OAGi) that helps the manufacturing industry better communicate across organizations.

Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing Systems (SMS) Test Bed

This test bed combines Computer-Aided Technologies (CAx) and Manufacturing Labs with data publication web services. Its goal is to allow smart manufacturing R&D across a product's lifecycle.

NIST STEP File Viewer screenshot

STEP File Analyzer and Viewer

This software allows the user to view and analyze files in STEP (ISO 10303), a format that represents manufactured parts and assemblies. 




An orange world map overlaid with a network of connected products and computer code, plus two exclamation points in triangles.
Credit: N. Hanacek/NIST

Supply Chain Traceability for Agri-Food Manufacturing

This project aims to improve traceability and cybersecurity in agri-food manufacturing supply chains, increasing trust among participants and customers.

Sustainable Manufacturing

Sustainable Manufacturing Standards Related to ASTM

Standards that help manufacturers “map” the critical environmental aspects of their processes. These are crucial for increasing sustainability in manufacturing systems. 


Technical Language Processing Community of Interest

This COI uses Technical Language Processing to address industry's needs and create guidelines based on user requirements and measurement science research.


Credit: Joshua Hoehne

Trustworthiness and Traceability of Supply Chain Data

Smart Manufacturing Systems makes supply chains faster and more accurate, but only if the data in these systems are traceable and secure. This traceability initiative is creating best practices for data owners to keep their information secure and traceable.

Circular economy at NIST no text

Circular Economy in Manufacturing

SID is working to create new standards, tools, and business models to help manufacturers achieve their circular economy goals, demonstrate their results, and measure progress.



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Created January 26, 2021, Updated May 3, 2022