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Transducer Electronic Data Sheet

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What is a TEDS?

A Transducer Electronic Data Sheet is known as a TEDS. It is a set of electronic data in a standardized format stored in a chip that is attached to a transducer, therefore allowing the transducer to identify and describe itself to the network, thereby easing automatic system configuration. This self-identification capability for the transducer is needed for maintenance, diagnostics, and to determine mean-time between failure characteristics. The chip stores information such as manufacturer name, identification number, type of device, serial number, as well as calibration data. The TEDS can be uploaded to the system upon power up or request. It also serves as documentation for the transducer.

What is the breakdown of the TEDS structure

The TEDS structure is broken down into 5 parts: Meta-TEDS, Channel TEDS, Calibration TEDS, Application Specific TEDS and Extension TEDS. Each one of these structures serves its own purpose:

  • Meta-TEDS(one per STIM) : The Meta-TEDS contains the data field common to all transducers connected to the STIM. It also contains an overall description of the TEDS data structure, worst case timing parameters, etc. of a transducer. 
See Example Meta-TEDS

  • Channel TEDS(one per STIM channel): The Channel TEDS contains information on the physical units, uncertainty, upper/lower range limits, warm-up time, etc. of a transducer. 
See Example Channel TEDS

  • Calibration TEDS(one per STIM channel): The Calibration TEDS contains information about the calibration parameters, and the calibration interval of a transducer. It also provides the constants necessary to convert the raw data into an engineering units form for sensors or to convert data from engineering units form to the form required by an actuator. Entries in the Calibration TEDS are used for correction. Click here to see how this is done. 
See Example Calibration TEDS

  • Application Specific TEDS: The Application Specific TEDS contains information that is application specific according to the use of the transducer by end-users.

  • Industrial and Extension TEDS: The Extension TEDS contains information for future implementation and industry extensions to 1451.2 TEDS and transducers. Application for Industrial Extensions can be sent to the IEEE Standards office with a proposal. IEEE will evaluate the proposal and issue a unique member to the extension. 
Created October 8, 2009, Updated June 2, 2021