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Medical Devices Metrology and Standards


Identify and address the metrology and standards needs of certain categories of medical devices.  

Workshop Proceedings 

Medical Devices Metrology and Standards Needs (Download the flyer in pdf) Tuesday November 14, 2006, Atlanta, GA

Computer Assisted Surgery (CAS), presented by David A. Heck, M.D. 

Standard and Metrology Needs for Surgical Robotics, presented by William J. Peine, Ph.D. 

Surgical Robots and Phantom (Artifact) Devices, presented by Peter Kazanzides 

Neurostimulators, presented by J.C. Chiao Associate Professor 

Summary of Needs, written by Nick Dagalakis


Sawyer, D. S., Dagalakis, N. G., Shakarji, C. M., Kim, Y., "Calibration of a Computer Assisted Orthopedic Hip Surgery Phantom," presented at the Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop (PerMIS '08), Gaithersburg, Maryland, August 18-21, 2008.

Metrology and Standards Needs for Some Categories of Medical Devices, Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technolgy, Volume 113, Number 2, March-April 2008. 

NIST Medical Phantom Device to Assist with the Calibration and Performance Testing of CAOS Systems, featured in the BONEZone Magazine, Fall 2007. 

Development of Tools for Measuring the Performance of Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Hip Surgery Systems presented at the Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems Workshop (PerMIS '07), Gaithersburg, Maryland, August 28-30, 2007.  

News Release  

NIST Measuring Device Aims to Up Hip Operation Success


NIST Bronze Medal Awarded to Nicholas G. Dagalakis, Daniel S. Sawyer, and Craig M. Shakarji - "For outstanding technical achievement in applying dimensional metrology in the invention of a computer assisted orthopaedic surgery artifact."

The US Senate Special Committee on Aging issued a 2008 Aging Award for our Department of Commerce NIST/MEL project on "Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery."

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