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HRI Metrology Workshop

The need for effective human-robot interaction (HRI) continues to present challenges for the field of robotics.  As new technologies are integrated into human-robot teams in a myriad of application domains, exposures to and expectations from robots are growing rapidly.  A key factor that limits the success of human-robot teams is the lack of principled metrics for assessing the effectiveness of HRI.

The necessity for validated test methods and metrics for human-robot teaming is driven by the desire for repeatable and consistent evaluations of HRI methodologies.  Such evaluations are critical for advancing underlying models of HRI, as well as establishing traceable mechanisms for vendors and consumers of HRI technologies to assess and assure functionality.

This series of workshops addresses the issues surrounding the development of test methods and metrics for evaluating the performance of human-robot teams across the multitude of human-centered application domains, including industrial, social, medical, field and service robotics.  These workshops focus on establishing the diversity of approaches for addressing HRI metrology in different robotic domains, and identifying the underlying issues of traceability, objective repeatability, and transparency in HRI metrology.

March 2019:
March 2020:  Coming soon


Created September 9, 2019, Updated November 15, 2019