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Comments Received for RFI about Federal Engagement in Artificial Intelligence Standards

Comments Received in Response To Request for Information about Federal Engagement in Artificial Intelligence Standards

Date Received From Date Received From
5/1/2019 Frances Butler 6/3/2019 Workpology, DBA ProductBio
5/2/2019 Jessica ‘Zhanna’ Malekos Smith, J.D.    
5/8/2019 Peter Tedder, P.E. 6/3/2019 Lilly Chin 
5/10/2019 Center for Data Innovation 6/3/2019 Julian Tszkin Chan, Matthew H. Jensen, Weifeng Zhong
5/17/2019 World Institute on Disability 6/3/2019 Karen Higginbottom, HP Labs
5/20/2019 Office of Intelligence & Analysis, Dept. of Homeland Security 6/3/2019 Tom Goode, ATIS 
5/23/2019 Dr. Michael Stumborg, Dr. Christine Hughes, Center for Naval Analyses 6/3/2019 Jimmy Saldana, Arrowhead General Insurance Agency, Inc.
5/28/2019 Thomas M. Coughlin, IEEE-USA  6/3/2019 Anand Rao, Mitra Best, PwC
5/28/2019 Todd W. Griffith, Jason R. Potts, Colin Puskaritz and Lt. Col Byron R. Harder 6/3/2019 Deloitte Consulting LLP 
5/29/2019 Chinmoy Saha, Green Grid, Inc. 6/5/2019 Rhonda Moore, US DHHS-FDA
5/29/2019 James Schoening, Solid Community 6/6/2019 Center for the Governance of AI, the Future of Life Institute, the Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity, and certain researchers at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence
5/29/2019 James Schoening, INCITS AI Technical Committee 6/4/2019 IBM
5/29/2019 James Schoening, IEEE Work Study Centers 6/3/2019 National Society of Professional Engineers
5/29/2019 Katharine E. Morgan, ASTM International  6/5/2019 Information Technology Industry Council (ITI)
5/29/2019 Ron Rudnicki, CUBRC, Inc.  6/6/2019 American National Standards Institute (ANSI)
5/29/2019 Ron Rudnicki, CUBRC, Inc. Modeling Information with the Common Core Ontologies 6/7/2019 David Broniatowski, Ph.D. and Aylin Caliskan, Ph.D., The George Washington University Valerie Reyna, Ph.D., Cornell University Reva Schwartz, Parenthetic, LLC 
5/29/2019 Ron Rudnicki, Barry Smith, Tanya Malyuta, COL William Mandrick  6/7/2019 RTI International
5/29/2019 Ron Rudnicki, The Common Core Ontologies and Artificial Intelligence 6/7/2019 Microsoft Corporation
5/29/2019 W. Krenz, The Aerospace Corporation 6/7/2019 UC Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible AI (CHAI)
5/31/2019 ACT-IAC Emerging Technology Community of Interest(Updated 6/10/2019) 6/7/2019 Buoy Health, Inc.
5/31/2019 Lisa Dyer, Partnership on AI 6/9/2019 The Object Management Group (OMG)

Eleni Kyriakides, EPIC International Counsel

6/9/2019 Gemma Augusto
5/31/2019 Jerry Tipton, SAIC  6/10/2019 Protofect, LLC
5/31/2019 Stephan Lou, Micro Focus  6/10/2019 International Federation of Inspection Agencies
5/31/2019 Emil Eifrem, neo4j 6/10/2019 NetApp
5/31/2019 Nina Anderson, AMT 6/10/2019 Bank of America
5/30/2019 CITRIS Policy Lab, CITRIS and the Banatao Institute, UC Berkeley 6/10/2019 Workday
5/31/2019 National Electrical Manufacturers Associations (NEMA) 6/10/2019 American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Science & Technology Law (SciTech)
5/31/2019 Arm 6/10/2019 Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
5/31/2019 Center for Security and Emerging Technology (CSET) 6/10/2019 BSA | The Software Alliance
5/31/2019 The Physician and Medical Student Members of the American Medical Association (AMA) 6/10/2019 Center for Democracy & Technology
5/31/2019 Medical Imaging & Technology Alliance (MITA) 6/10/2019 AT&T
6/10/2019 AI Security Alliance 6/10/2019 Mortgage Bankers Association
6/10/2019 Symantec Corporation 6/10/2019 Consumer Technology Association
6/10/2019 Kaiser Permanente 6/10/2019 MITRE Corporation
6/10/2019 OpenAI 6/10/2019 More Cowbell Unlimited
6/10/2019 Qualcomm 6/10/2019 Booz Allen Hamilton
6/10/2019 Google 6/10/2019 United Technologies Research Center
6/10/2019 Anthem 6/10/2019 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)
6/10/2019 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) 6/10/2019 Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)
6/10/2019 Joshua Kroll, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley School of Information 6/10/2019 Business Roundtable (Referenced Brief)
6/10/2019 Joshua Kroll, Postdoctoral Scholar, UC Berkeley School of Information 6/10/2019 ACT - The App Association
6/10/2019 SAE International 6/10/2019 HISDI
6/10/2019 Amazon 6/10/2019 Hewlett Packard Enterprise
6/10/2019 Intel Corporation 6/10/2019 Farance, Inc.
6/11/2019 Hitachi 6/11/2019 Accenture
6/11/2019 UL 6/10/2019 Kermit Kubitz
6/10/2019 NVIDIA 6/10/2019 National Information Standards Organization (NISO)
6/10/2019 Alliance for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare (AAIH) 6/17/2019 Silicon Valley Robotics (late submission)


Created April 5, 2019, Updated April 5, 2022