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Fatigue and Fracture Group Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew Slifka Group Leader (Acting) andrew.slifka [at] Fed
Name Email Staff type
Jake Benzing jake.benzing [at] Fed
Peter Bradley peter.bradley [at] Fed
Zack Buck zack.buck [at] Fed
Lawrence Cho lawrence.cho [at] Assoc
Emma Coatney emma.coatney [at] Assoc
Matthew Connolly matthew.connolly [at] Fed
Nicholas Derimow nicholas.derimow [at] Fed
Allen Eckhardt allen.eckhardt [at] Assoc
Xavier Fross Assoc
Marvin Hamstad Assoc
Nik Hrabe nik.hrabe [at] Fed
Ward L. Johnson ward.johnson [at] Fed
Li-Anne Liew li-anne.liew [at] Fed
Enrico Lucon enrico.lucon [at] Fed
May Ling Martin may.martin [at] Fed
Joseph McColskey j.mccolskey [at] Assoc
Tim Quinn timothy.quinn [at] Fed
Ross Rentz ross.rentz [at] Fed
Raymond L. Santoyo raymond.santoyo [at] Fed
Alec Saville alec.saville [at] Fed
Andrew Slifka andrew.slifka [at] Fed
Elizabeth Sorenson elizabeth.sorenson [at] Assoc
Fred Walls Assoc
Dash Weeks timothy.weeks [at] Fed