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Zachary Buck (Fed)

NRC Postdoctoral Associate – Physicist

My current research focuses on investigating the hydrogen-assisted failure mechanisms of embrittlement in pipeline steels. Various microscopy techniques such as, SEM, AFM, and Scanning Kelvin Probe are used to study the fracture surface of specimens mechanically loaded in air and in hydrogen-rich environments. Neutron and xray scattering measurements help provide structural and dynamic information on these systems by probing deep into the microstructure to quantify localized strain and dislocation densities, in addition to mapping hydrogen kinetics.



Other Publications

  • Z. Qin, C. Huang, Z. N. Buck, W. Kreuzpainter, S. M. Amir, A. Salman, F. Ye, J. Zhang, C. Jiang, T. Wang, X. Tong, “Development of a 3He gas filling station at the China Spallation Neutron Source”, China Physics Letters, 38, 052801 (2021).
  • C. Huang, J. Zhang, F. Ye, Z. Qin, S. M. Amir, Z. N. Buck, A. Salman, W. Kreuzpaintner, X. Qi, T. Wang, X. Tong, “Development of a spin-exchange optial pumping-based polarized 3He system at the China Spallation Source”, China Physics Letters, 38, 092801 (2021).
  • R. Dadisman, D. Wasilko, H. Kaiser, S. Kuhn, Z. N. Buck, et al., “Design and performance of a superconducting neutron resonance spin flipper”, Review of Scientific Instruments 91, 015117 (2020).
  • J. Torres, Z. N. Buck, H. Kaiser, X. He, T. White, M. Tyagi, R. A. Winholtz, F. Y. Hansen, H. Taub, “A neutron scattering and electron microscopy study of the structure, wetting, and freezing behavior of water near hydrophilic CuO-nanostructured surfaces”, Journal of Applied Physics, 125, 025302 (2019).
  • Z. N. Buck, J. Torres, A. Miskowiec, E. Mamontov, H. Kaiser, F. Y. Hansen, H. Taub, M. Tyagi, L. Collins, and K. W. Herwig, “Effect of melittin on water diffusion and membrane structure in DMPC bilayers”, Europhysics Letters, 123, 18002 (2018).


National Research Council Fellowship (2020)

Boain Ph.D. Dissertation Award (2018)

DOE SCGSR Internship (2016)

NSF IGERT Fellowship (2012)

Selected Publications


Created May 26, 2021, Updated May 21, 2024