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Effects of mechanical deformation on dislocation density and phase partitioning in 4130 steel

August 22, 2023
Zack Buck, Matthew Connolly, May Ling Martin, Damian Lauria, Jason Killgore, Peter Bradley, Yan Chen, Ke An, Andrew Slifka
Interrupted tensile tests were performed on an AISI 4130 pressure vessel steel and investigated by neutron diffraction and scanning microscopy techniques. Analysis of the neutron diffraction patterns reveal a partitioning of ferrite and martensite phases

Determining Steel Weld Qualification and Performance for Hydrogen Pipelines: Phase I Report

May 23, 2023
Matthew Connolly, May Ling Martin, Zack Buck, Newell Moser, Enrico Lucon, Damian Lauria, Peter Bradley, Andrew Slifka, Robert Amaro
This report details the results of Phase I of the DOT/PHMSA sponsored work on "Determining Steel Weld Qualification and Performance for Hydrogen Pipelines". In this work, the goals of Phase I were 1) to perform a literature review of steel weld

Synergistic Fire Resistance of Nanobrick-wall Coated 3D Printed Photopolymer Lattices

March 16, 2023
Thomas Kolibaba, Callie Higgins, Zack Buck, Dash Weeks, Jason Killgore
Photopolymer additive manufacturing has become the subject of widespread interest in recent years due to its capacity to enable fabrication of difficult geometries that are impossible to build with traditional modes of manufacturing. The flammability of

Evaluating a Natural Gas Pipeline Steel for Blended Hydrogen Service

March 19, 2022
May Ling Martin, Matthew Connolly, Zack Buck, Peter Bradley, Damian Lauria, Andrew Slifka
An X70 natural gas pipeline steel that is being considered for blended natural gas/hydrogen gas service was evaluated in a high-pressure hydrogen gas environment. Fracture toughness testing and fatigue crack growth rate testing were conducted according to

Materials Testing in Hydrogen

November 30, 2021
Matthew Connolly, May Ling Martin, Damian Lauria, Peter Bradley, Zack Buck, Andrew Slifka, Robert L. Amaro