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Quantum Physics Division Staff

Name Title/Position Email Staff type
Andrew C. Wilson Division Chief andrew.wilson [at] Fed
Eyvon Petty Division Secretary eyvon.petty [at] Ctr
Karen Hansen Lichtfuss Administrative Assistant karen.hansenlichtfuss [at] Fed

Quantum Physics - HQ

Name Email Staff type
Kazemi Adachi kazemi.adachi [at] Assoc
Pablo Aramburu Sanchez pablo.aramburusanchez [at] IntlAssoc
David Auerbach david.auerbach [at] Ctr
Eric A. Cornell eric.cornell [at] Fed
Alec Emser alec.emser [at] Assoc
Missy Gilliam catherine.gilliam [at] Fed
Karen Hansen Lichtfuss karen.hansenlichtfuss [at] Fed
Jacob Higgins jacob.higgins [at] Fed
Murray Holland Assoc
Ralph Jimenez ralph.jimenez [at] Fed
Adam Kaufman adam.kaufman [at] Fed
Konrad Lehnert konrad.lehnert [at] Fed
Sheng Xiang Lin IntlAssoc
Erica Mady erica.mady [at] Fed
James McKown james.mckown [at] Ctr
Alan McLean alan.mclean [at] Fed
Sarang Mittal sarang.mittal [at] Assoc
David Nesbitt david.nesbitt [at] Fed
Thomas T. Perkins thomas.perkins [at] Fed
Eyvon Petty eyvon.petty [at] Ctr
J. R. Raith james.raith [at] Ctr
Christopher Reetz Assoc
Cindy Regal Assoc
Ana Maria Rey ana.reyayala [at] Fed
Brendon Rose brendon.rose [at] Assoc
Elizabeth Ruddy Assoc
James K. Thompson james.thompson [at] Fed
Andrew C. Wilson andrew.wilson [at] Fed
Jun Ye [at] Fed