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Biometric Testing Software

NIST/ITL has had a long history of supporting biometric data interchange formats by developing conformance testing software. These suites of software are


Life-cycle costing software for preliminary bridge design BridgeLCC is user-friendly life-cycle costing software developed by the National Institute of

Cement Hydration Modelling

(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) The directories to the right contain computer programs for modelling cement hydration and


(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) Version 1.0 of CEMHYD3D included three computer programs (statsimp.c, corrcalc.c, and


The Consolidated Model of Fire and Smoke Transport, CFAST, is a computer program that fire investigators, safety officials, engineers, architects and builders


(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) WindowsTM-based software for estimating the service life of concrete pavements and bridge

Concrete Electrical Conductivity Test

(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) The purpose of this form is to compute the results of a bulk electrical conductivity of

Concrete Optimization Software Tool

(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) COST (Concrete Optimization Software Tool) is an online design/analysis system to assist


CONTAM is a multizone indoor air quality and ventilation analysis computer program designed to help you determine: (a) airflows: infiltration, exfiltration, and


DEXML is a tool based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML) to aid in specifying and implementing data exchange specifications (known as DEXs) for Product

Exercise Control System

The Systems Integration Division's (SID) Manufacturing & Modeling Simulation Group (MSG) worked with San Francisco Communications to support the MapLab Project


* Download Expect source from SourceForge * Download Expect binaries from ActiveState* Expect HomepageExpect is a tool for automating interactive applications

FDS and Smokeview

Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) is a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) model of fire-driven fluid flow. The software solves numerically a form of the Navier

Fingerprint Minutiae Viewer (FpMV)

Current Release:FpMV : Release BETA 3.0 About The Fingerprint Minutiae Viewer (FpMV) distribution is developed by the National Institute of Standards and


gppois is a Bayesian tool for learning about a smooth function based on noisy measurements of its values. Users train a model of the true function on the noisy


(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) A package of computer programs for simulating the microstructure of a three-dimensional


An electron hologram is a fringe modulated image containing the amplitude and phase information of an electron transparent object. The HolograFREE routines


Stage Description Type File Format Size Date OS NIST ICSGenerator 3.9.4 Executable Application ZIP 17 MB Nov 18, 2013 Windows, Linux