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BioCTS in the Cloud


September 2014

BioCTS in the Cloud includes two packages:

BioCTS Web is an ASP.Net web application that runs on Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS). This Web App runs existing BioCTS Conformance Test Suites (CTSs) on a web server. The Web App can accept multiple files to test, uploads them to a server, and then performs Conformance Testing. Finally, the Test Results are passed back to the user's Web Page.

BioCTS on Apache™ Hadoop® includes a methodology for running Microsoft C# software within an Apache™ Hadoop® Java MapReduce Job within a Linux Operating System. Apache™ Hadoop® is a software framework for scalable, distributed computing. The BioCTS Apache™ Hadoop® package includes Setup Scripts, C# source code to run BioCTS Conformance Test Suites and instructions on how to run the software.

Software Downloads

The release zip files contain everything that is needed to run the software on each platform.

Current Versions:

There are two packages available for download. One for BioCTS Web, and one for BioCTS on Apache™ Hadoop®



Suggestions, comments and questions on how to implement these tools are welcome by contacting the BioCTS team at BioCTS [at] (BioCTS[at]nist[dot]gov)





Created September 12, 2014, Updated April 20, 2017