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BioCTS for ISO/IEC Biometric Data Interchange Format Standards and Selected PIV Profiles

December 2023

BioCTS for ISO/IEC includes Conformance Test Suites (CTSs) designed to test implementations of:

  • Biometric Data Interchange Formats
  • Full CBEFF Biometric Information Records (BIRs)
  • Individual Components of the CBEFF BIR

The following is a list of the available test tools and the relevant standards used in their development:

First Generation (1G) CTSs

  • ISO/IEC 19794-2:2005
  • ISO/IEC 19794-4:2005
  • ISO/IEC 19794-5:2005

Second Generation (2G) CTSs

  • ISO/IEC 19794-2:2011
  • ISO/IEC 19794-4:2011
  • ISO/IEC 19794-5:2011
  • ISO/IEC 19794-6:2011

Second Generation (2G) XML CTSs

  • ISO/IEC 19794-4:2011 Amendment 2
  • newISO/IEC 19794-14:2022 DNA data

PIV Profiles CTSs*

  • PIV Profile of ISO/IEC 19794-6:2011 - On Card
  • PIV Profile of ISO/IEC 19794-6:2011 - Off Card
  • PIV Profile of ANSI/INCITS 378:2004
  • PIV Profile of ANSI/INCITS 381:2004
  • PIV Profile of ANSI/INCITS 385:2004

*As specified in NIST SP 800-76-2 Biometric Specifications for Personal Identity Verification, Patrick Grother, Wayne Salamon, Ramaswamy Chandramouli, July 2013.

Software Downloads

BioCTS for ISO/IEC contains everything required to test implementations for the supported international biometric standards and selected PIV profiles. The installer allows for custom installation so that only the testing software for the desired biometric standards will be installed. Read the instructions contained in the associated documentation.

Current Versions:

The single Zip Archive file found below contains all components of BioCTS for ISO/IEC.

To see what has changed since the initial release, please review the Changelog. 

Old Versions:



The BioCTS work was sponsored in part by the Department of Homeland Security/Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM)


Send comments/errors on the tool, sample data and documentation to BioCTS [at] (BioCTS[at]nist[dot]gov)

Screen Captures

The following screen captures were taken from BioCTS for ISO/IEC. The Options tab, Batch testing, and the Editor are shown in the examples below:



Options: Selection of the Biometric Data Block (BDB) format



Batch Testing: Overall results (left panel), Detailed results (right panel)






Editor: Format Identifier expanded to show results and data


Created August 17, 2012, Updated December 7, 2023