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A NIST-Hosted Virtual Workshop on Measuring SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater and Fecal Material: A Call for Standards

September 28, 2020
Sandra M. Da Silva, Paulina K. Piotrowski, Christina M. Jones, Stephanie L. Servetas, Nancy J. Lin, Katrice A. Lippa, Scott A. Jackson
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has leveraged its expertise in chemical and biological metrology and standards development as well as its strong relationships with stakeholders to host a virtual workshop on June 16, 2020 that

A Review of Efforts to Improve Lipid Stability during Sample Preparation and Standardization Efforts to Ensure Accuracy in the Reporting of Lipid Measurements

May 19, 2020
John Bowden, Candice Z. Ulmer, Christina M. Jones, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Timothy J. Garrett, Juan J. Aristizabal-Henao, Hubert W. Vesper
Lipidomics is a rapidly growing field, fueled by developments in analytical instrumentation and bioinformatics. To date, most researchers and industries have employed their own lipidomics workflows without a consensus on best practices. Without a community

Lipidomics for wildlife disease etiology and biomarker discovery: a case study of pansteatitis outbreak in South Africa

March 5, 2019
John Bowden, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Candice Z. Ulmer, Susan Fogelson, Hannes Botha, Christina M. Jones, Jackie T. Bangma, Theresa M. Cantu, Matthew P. Guillette, Wilmien Luus-Powell, Joseph Sara, Willem J. Smit, Korin Albert, Harmony Miller, Berkley Olsen, Jason A. Cochran, Timothy J. Garrett, Richard A. Yost
Lipidomics is a promising tool to determine biomarkers and elucidate mechanisms associated with anthropogenic-induced stress in wildlife. Therefore, we examine the application of lipidomics for in situ studies on Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus

Towards quality assurance and quality control in untargeted metabolomics studies

January 3, 2019
Richard Beger, Warwick Dunn, Abbas Bandukwala, Bianca Bethan, David Broadhurst, Clary Clish, Surendra Dasari, Leslie Derr, Annie Evans, Steve Fischer, Thomas Flynn, Thomas Hartung, David Herrington, Richard Higashi, Ping-Ching Hsu, Christina M. Jones, Maureen Kachman, Helen Karuso, Gary Kruppa, Katrice A. Lippa, Padma Maruvada, Jonathan Mosley, Ionna Ntai, Clair O?Donovan, Mary Playdon, Daniel Raftery, Daniel Shaughnessy, Amanda Souza, Timothy Spaeder, Barbara Spalholz, Mukesh Verma, Tilman Walk, Ian Wilson, Daniel Bearden, Krista Zanetti
We describe here the agreed upon first development steps and priority objectives of a community engagement effort to address current challenges in quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC) in untargeted metabolomic studies. This has included (1) a QA

Optimization of Folch, Bligh-Dyer, and Matyash Sample-to-Extraction Solvent Ratios for Mammalian Cell- and Plasma-Based Lipidomics Studies

December 11, 2018
John Bowden, Candice Z. Ulmer, Christina M. Jones, Richard A. Yost, Timothy J. Garrett
In order to investigate changes in the lipidome, analysis by ultra-high performance liquid chromatography – high resolution mass spectrometry (UHPLC-HRMS) typically requires the extraction of lipid content from sample matrices using optimized, matrix

The integration of emerging omics approaches to advance precision medicine: How can regulatory science help?

December 6, 2018
Mark S. Lowenthal, Christina M. Jones, Joan Adamo, Robert Bienvenu, Owen Fields, Soma Ghosh, Michael Liebman, Robert Schuck, Scott Steele
Building on the recent advances in next-generation sequencing, the integration of genomics, proteomics, metabolomics, and other approaches hold tremendous promise for precision medicine. The approval and adoption of these rapidly advancing technologies and

Examining Heat Treatment for Stabilization of the Lipidome

February 16, 2018
John Bowden, Candice Z. Ulmer, Christina M. Jones, Tracey B. Schock, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Timothy J. Garrett, Richard A. Yost
Aim: To confidently determine lipid-based biomarkers, it is important to minimize variation introduced during preanalytical steps. We evaluated reducing variation associated with lipid measurements in invertebrate sentinel species using a state-of-the-art

LipidQC: Method Validation Tool for Visual Comparison to SRM 1950 Using NIST Interlaboratory Comparison Exercise Lipid Consensus Mean Estimate Values

November 17, 2017
Candice Z. Ulmer, Jared M. Ragland, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Nathanael A. Heckert, Christina M. Jones, Timothy J. Garrett, Richard A. Yost, John Bowden
As advances in analytical separation techniques, mass spectrometry instrumentation, and data processing platforms continue to spur growth in the lipidomics field, more structurally unique lipid species are detected and annotated. The lipidomics community