LipidQC: Method Validation Tool for Visual Comparison to SRM 1950 Using NIST Interlaboratory Comparison Exercise Lipid Consensus Mean Estimate Values

Published: November 17, 2017


Candice Z. Ulmer, Jared M. Ragland, Jeremy P. Koelmel, Nathanael A. Heckert, Christina M. Jones, Timothy J. Garrett, Richard A. Yost, John Bowden


As advances in analytical separation techniques, mass spectrometry instrumentation, and data processing platforms continue to spur growth in the lipidomics field, more structurally unique lipid species are detected and annotated. The lipidomics community is in need of benchmark reference values to assess the validity of various lipidomics workflows in providing accurate quantitative measurements across the diverse lipidome. LipidQC addresses the harmonization challenge in lipid quantitation by providing a semi-automated process, independent of analytical platform, for visual comparison of experimental results of NIST SRM 1950 Metabolites in Frozen Human Plasma against benchmark consensus mean concentrations derived from the NIST Lipidomics Interlaboratory Comparison Exercise.
Citation: Analytical Chemistry
Pub Type: Journals
Created November 17, 2017, Updated March 18, 2019