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Entanglement Thresholds of Doubly Parametric Quantum Transducers

April 29, 2022
Curtis Rau, Akira Kyle, Alexander T. Kwiatkowski, Ezad Shojaee, John Teufel, Konrad Lehnert, Tasshi Dennis
Doubly parametric quantum transducers, such as electro-optomechanical devices, show promise for providing the critical link between quantum information encoded in highly disparate frequencies such as in the optical and microwave domains. This technology

Demonstration of efficient nonreciprocity in a microwave optomechanical circuit

July 6, 2017
Gabriel A. Peterson, Florent Q. Lecocq, Katarina Cicak, Raymond W. Simmonds, Jose A. Aumentado, John D. Teufel
Abstract The ability to engineer nonreciprocal interactions is an essential tool in modern communication technology as well as a powerful resource for building quantum networks. Aside from large reverse isolation, a nonreciprocal device suitable for

Field Programmable Josephson Amplifier for non-reciprocal microwave signal processing

February 17, 2017
Florent Q. Lecocq, Leonardo Ranzani, Gabriel A. Peterson, Katarina Cicak, Raymond W. Simmonds, John D. Teufel, Jose A. Aumentado
We report on the design and implementation of a Field Programmable Josephson Amplifier (FPJA) - a compact and lossless superconducting circuit that can be programmed in-situ by a set of microwave drives to perform reciprocal and non-reciprocal frequency

Mechanically mediated microwave frequency conversion

January 26, 2016
Florent Q. Lecocq, Jeremy B. Clark, Raymond W. Simmonds, Jose A. Aumentado, John D. Teufel
We report the observation of efficient and low-noise frequency conversion between two microwave modes, mediated by the motion of a mechanical resonator subjected to radiation pressure. We achieve the coherent conversion of more than 10^{12} photons/s with

Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Nonclassical State of a Massive Object

December 7, 2015
Florent Q. Lecocq, Jeremy B. Clark, Raymond W. Simmonds, Jose A. Aumentado, John D. Teufel
By coupling a macroscopic mechanical oscillator to two microwave cavities, we simultaneously prepare and monitor a nonclassical steady state of mechanical motion. In each cavity, correlated radiation pressure forces induced by two coherent drives engineer

Overwhelming thermomechanical motion with microwave radiation pressure shot noise

August 21, 2015
John D. Teufel, Florent Q. Lecocq, Raymond W. Simmonds
We measure the fundamental noise processes associated with a continuous linear position measurement of a micromechanical membrane incorporated in a microwave cavity optomechanical circuit. We observe the trade-o ff between the two fundamental sources of

Resolving the vacuum fluctuations of an optomechanical system using an artificial atom

June 15, 2015
Florent Q. Lecocq, John D. Teufel, Jose A. Aumentado, Raymond W. Simmonds
Heisenberg's uncertainty principle results in one of the strangest quantum behaviours: a mechanical oscillator can never truly be at rest. Even at a temperature of absolute zero, its position and momentum are still subject to quantum fluctuations. However

Tunable Resonant and Nonresonant Interactions between a Phase Qubit and LC Resonator

March 26, 2014
Michael S. Allman, Jed D. Whittaker, Manuel C. Castellanos Beltran, Katarina Cicak, Fabio C. Da Silva, Michael DeFeo, Florent Q. Lecocq, Adam J. Sirois, John D. Teufel, Jose A. Aumentado, Raymond W. Simmonds
We use a flux-biased radio frequency superconducting quantum interference device (rf SQUID) with an embedded flux-biased direct current SQUID to generate strong resonant and nonresonant tunable interactions between a phase qubit and a lumped-element

Signatures of nonlinear cavity optomechanics in the weak coupling regime

August 2, 2013
John D. Teufel, Kjetil Borkje, Andeas Nunnenkamp, Steven Girvin
We identify signatures of the intrinsic nonlinear interaction between light and mechanical motion in cavity optomechanical systems. These signatures are observable even when the cavity linewidth exceeds the optomechanical coupling rate. A strong laser

RFSQUID-Mediated Coherent Tunable Coupling Between a Superconducting Phase Qubit and a Lumped Element Resonator

April 29, 2010
Michael S. Allman, Fabio Altomare, Jed D. Whittaker, Katarina Cicak, Dale Li, Adam J. Sirois, Joshua Strong, John D. Teufel, Raymond W. Simmonds
We demonstrate coherent tunable coupling between a superconducting phase qubit and a lumpedelement resonator. The coupling strength is mediated by a flux-biased rf SQUID operated in the nonhysteretic regime. By tuning the applied flux bias to the rf SQUID