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Mechanically mediated microwave frequency conversion



Florent Q. Lecocq, Jeremy B. Clark, Raymond W. Simmonds, Jose A. Aumentado, John D. Teufel


We report the observation of efficient and low-noise frequency conversion between two microwave modes, mediated by the motion of a mechanical resonator subjected to radiation pressure. We achieve the coherent conversion of more than 10^{12} photons/s with a 95% efficiency and a 14kHz bandwidth. With less than 10^{-1} photons/s/Hz of added noise, this optomechanical frequency converter is suitable for quantum state transduction. We show the ability to operate this converter as a tunable beam splitter, with direct applications for photon routing and communication through complex quantum networks.
Physical Review Letters


optomechanics, microwave, frequency conversion, quantum


Lecocq, F. , Clark, J. , Simmonds, R. , Aumentado, J. and Teufel, J. (2016), Mechanically mediated microwave frequency conversion, Physical Review Letters, [online], (Accessed May 25, 2024)


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Created January 26, 2016, Updated March 17, 2017