Quantum Nondemolition Measurement of a Nonclassical State of a Massive Object

Published: December 07, 2015


Florent Q. Lecocq, Jeremy B. Clark, Raymond W. Simmonds, Jose A. Aumentado, John D. Teufel


By coupling a macroscopic mechanical oscillator to two microwave cavities, we simultaneously prepare and monitor a nonclassical steady state of mechanical motion. In each cavity, correlated radiation pressure forces induced by two coherent drives engineer the coupling between the quadratures of light and motion. We, first, demonstrate the ability to perform a continuous quantum nondemolition measurement of a single mechanical quadrature at a rate that exceeds the mechanical decoherence rate, while avoiding measurement backaction by more than 13 dB. Second, we apply this measurement technique to independently verify the preparation of a squeezed state in the mechanical oscillator, resolving quadrature fluctuations 20% below the quantum noise.
Citation: Physical Review X
Pub Type: Journals

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