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Optical Trapping in Air of an Individual Nanotube-Sphere Device

Andrew J. Slifka, Gurpreet Singh, Paul Rice, Damian S. Lauria, Roop Mahajan
We demonstrate the optical manipulation of a polystyrene bead in air attached to an individual carbon nanotube. In continuation of our previous work [1] we have

Observations of Nanobubble Formation on Carbon Nanotubes

Andrew J. Slifka, Damian S. Lauria, Gurpreet Singh, Roop L. Mahajan
We used an optical trap and a high-speed camera to image bubble initiation on the surface of multi-walled carbon nanotubes. The laser wavelength was 1064 nm and

An Instrumented Bioreactor for Cartilage Tissue Engineering

Timothy P. Quinn, Colm Flannery, Damian S. Lauria, Douglas V. Gallagher, Kristi S. Anseth
Bioreactors for in vitro growth of engineered tissue (ET) would ideally include sensors that would continuously measure the functional quality of the construct