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Demonstration of a Chamber for Strain Mapping of Steel Specimens Under Mechanical Load in a Hydrogen Environment by Synchrotron Radiation



Matthew J. Connolly, Peter E. Bradley, Damian S. Lauria, Andrew J. Slifka, Elizabeth S. Drexler


We present a demonstration of a chamber for diffraction measurements of lattice strain for specimens in hydrogen gas under mechanical load. The chamber is suitable for static and cyclic mechanical loading. Synchrotron x-ray radiographs of a fatigue crack grown in hydrogen are shown. Diffraction patterns show high signal-to-noise, with low scattering from the Al chamber and without significant Bragg peak overlap. The chamber, when used at Argonne National Laboratory’s Advanced Photon Source (APS), allowed high spatial (20 μm) and strain (50--100 μStrain) resolution measurements of lattice strain.
Review of Scientific Instruments


Fatigue, Fracture, Diffraction, Lattice Strain, Hydrogen, Fatigue Crack Growth, Synchrotron X- rays
Created June 4, 2018, Updated September 11, 2019