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Modeling electromigration using the peridynamics approach

David T. Read, Walter Gerstle, Vinod K. Tewary
This chapter presents a summary of the information and reasoning needed to justify learning about peridynamics for the purpose of analyzing electromigration and

Graphene-metal interconnect: an atomistic simulation

Alexander Y. Smolyanitsky, Vinod K. Tewary
We develop a set of computationally efficient and accurate interatomic interactions for an atomistic simulation of the properties of graphene on nickel surface

Simulation of lattice strain due to CNT-metal interface

Alexander Y. Smolyanitsky, Vinod K. Tewary
We report an atomistic molecular statics study of strains in single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) interfaced with a planar nickel surface. We calculate axial

Singularity in the Debye-Waller factor of graphene

Vinod K. Tewary, B. Yang
It is shown that the Debye-Waller factor for graphene has a singularity. However, the singularity does not affect the zero-temperature value of the Debye-Waller

A parametric interatomic potential for graphene

Vinod K. Tewary, B. Yang
A parametric interatomic potential is constructed for graphene. The potential energy consists of two parts: bond energy and radial interaction energy. The bond

Peridynamic Simulation of Electromigration

David T. Read, Walter Gerstle, Stewart Silling, Vinod K. Tewary, Richard Lehoucq
A theoretical framework, based upon the peridynamic model, is presented for analytical and computational simulation of electromigration. The framework allows