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November 10, 2023
Vinod Narang, Zhang Chuan, David Su, Phil Kaszuba, Steven Herschbein, Alan Street, Eckhard Langer, Martin von Haartman, Yu Zhu, Baohua Niu, Erwin Hendarto, Bryan Tracy, Jochonia Nxumalo, Rik Otte, Keana C. K. Scott
Semiconductor technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, with ongoing developments in logic and memory scaling, the introduction of new materials and transistor architectures, and the integration of advanced packaging heterogeneous technologies such as

Impacts of ingested MWCNT-Embedded nanocomposites in Japanese medaka (Oryzias latipes)

February 26, 2022
Melissa Chernick, Alan Kennedy, Treye Thomas, Keana C. K. Scott, Christine Ogilvie Hendren, Mark Wiesner, David Hinton
Polymer nanocomposites combine the versatile, lightweight characteristics of polymers with the properties of nanomaterials. Polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) is commonly used in polymer additive manufacturing due to its controllable transparency

Quantifying Mechanical Abrasion of MWCNT Nanocomposites used in 3D Printing: Influence of CNT content on abrasion products and rate of microplastic production

July 15, 2021
Nathan Bossa, Sipe M. Joana, Alan Kennedy, Treye Thomas, Christine O. Hendren, Mark R. Wiesner, Keana Scott, William Berger
Manufactured nanomaterials (MNMs) are incorporated as "nanofillers" into consumer products to enhance properties of interest. Multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) are known for their unique properties and have many applications in polymers. However, the

Comparative study of multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites by Raman, SEM, and XPS measurement techniques

March 3, 2021
Yanmei Piao, Vipin Tondare, Chelsea S. Davis, Justin Gorham, Elijah Petersen, Jeffrey W. Gilman, Keana Scott, Andras Vladar, Angela R. Hight Walker
Substantial ongoing research efforts are investigating the production of novel composite material enhanced by the incorporation of nanomaterial fillers such as multiwall carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). While the addition of MWCNTs have been shown to improve the

Effects of Consumer Use Practices on Nanosilver Release from Commercially Available Food Contact Materials

October 23, 2018
Susana Addo Ntim, Samuel R. Norris, David Goodwin, Jens Breffke, Keana Scott, Li Piin Sung, Treye Thomas, Gregory O. Noonan
Migration evaluation involving nano-enabled food contact materials (FCMs) mostly focus on potential nanoparticle release from new unused products. This may not represent consumer use practices encountered by the FCMs in their lifecycle. In order to

Nondestructive shape process monitoring of three-dimensional high aspect ratio targets using through-focus scanning optical microscopy Optical Microscopy

September 27, 2018
Ravikiran Attota, Hyeonggon Kang, Keana C. Scott, Richard A. Allen, Andras Vladar, Bunday Benjamin
Low-cost, high-throughput and nondestructive metrology of truly three-dimensional (3-D) targets for process control/monitoring is a critically needed enabling technology for high-volume manufacturing (HVM) of nano/micro technologies in multi-disciplinary

SEM/EDS Trace Analysis: Limits Imposed by Fluorescence of the Detector

August 4, 2017
Dale E. Newbury, Nicholas W. Ritchie, Michael J. Mengason, Keana C. Scott
Elemental trace analysis by electron-excited x-ray spectrometry performed in the scanning electron microscope (SEM) with energy dispersive x-ray spectrometry (EDS) can reach a limit of detection of 0.0005 mass fraction for many elements. Exceptions include

From Image Tiles to Web-Based Interactive Measurements in One Stop

January 4, 2017
Antoine Vandecreme, Michael P. Majurski, Joe Chalfoun, Keana Scott, John Henry Scott, Mary C. Brady, Peter Bajcsy
This article aims at introducing readers to a web-based solution useful for interactive measurements of centimeter-sized specimens at nanoscales. Modern imaging technology has enabled nanoscale imaging to become a routine process. As the imaging technology

Separation, Sizing, and Quantitation of Engineered Nanoparticles in an Organism Model Using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Image Analysis

December 16, 2016
Monique E. Johnson, Shannon Hanna, Antonio R. Montoro Bustos, Christopher M. Sims, Lindsay C. Elliott, Babak Nikoobakht, John T. Elliott, Richard D. Holbrook, Keana C. Scott, Karen E. Murphy, Elijah J. Petersen, Lee L. Yu, Bryant C. Nelson, Akshay Lingayat, Adrian C. Johnston
For environmental studies assessing uptake of orally ingested engineered nanoparticles (ENPs), a key step in ensuring accurate quantification of ingested ENPs is efficient separation of the organism from ENPs that are either nonspecifically adsorbed to the

Giant surface conductivity enhancement in a carbon nanotube composite by ultraviolet light exposure

July 29, 2016
Christian J. Long, Nathan D. Orloff, Kevin A. Twedt, Thomas F. Lam, Luis Fernando Vargas Lara, Minhua Zhao, Bharath NMN Natarajan, Keana C. Scott, Eric Marksz, Tinh Nguyen, Jack F. Douglas, Jabez J. McClelland, Edward J. Garboczi, Jan Obrzut, James A. Liddle
Carbon nanotube composites are lightweight, multifunctional materials with readily adjustable mechanical and electrical properties—relevant to the aerospace, automotive, and sporting goods industries as high-performance building materials. Here, we combine

Detecting Carbon in Carbon: Application of Differential Charging to Obtain Information on the Chemical Identity and Spatial Location of Carbon Nanotube Aggregates in Composites by Imaging X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

October 24, 2015
Justin M. Gorham, William A. Osborn, Jeremiah W. Woodcock, Keana C. Scott, John M. Heddleston, Angela R. Hight Walker, Jeffrey W. Gilman
The surface contributions and dispersion properties of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) within a composite are important measurements to perform on nano-enabled products in order to help answer environmental health and safety questions associated with

Methods for the Measurement of Release of MWCNTs from MWCNT-Polymer Composites

September 18, 2014
Debra L. Kaiser, Aleksandr B. Stefaniak, Keana C. Scott, Tinh Nguyen, Jurg Schutz
Multi-wall carbon nanotube (MWCNT)/polymer composites hold great promise as advanced materials for consumer and industrial applications. Throughout the life cycle of these composites, there is opportunity for release of particles that may contain MWCNT and

Multi-method analysis of multiwall carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite samples after photodegradation

June 16, 2014
Elijah Petersen, Thomas F. Lam, Justin Gorham, Keana Scott, Chris Long, Renu Sharma, Li Piin Sung, James Alexander Liddle, Tinh Nguyen
Nanomaterials can be used as nanofillers to enhance the properties of polymeric materials. However, the effect of weathering on nanocomposites and the potential for nanomaterial release is not yet well understood. Multiple analytical methods are needed to

Recent Advances in Focused Ion Beam Technology and Applications

April 11, 2014
Nabil Bassim, Keana Scott, Lucille A. Giannuzzi
Focused ion beam (FIB) microscopes are extremely versatile and powerful instruments for materials research. These microscopes, when coupled in a system with a scanning electron microscope (SEM), offer the opportunity for novel sample imaging, sectioning

Effects of nanoparticle size and charge on interactions with self-assembled collagen

March 1, 2014
Dongbo Wang, Jing (. Ye, Steven Hudson, Keana Scott, Sheng Lin-Gibson
Recent insights into bone formation have suggested that the critical first step to the biomineralization process is the integration of small (nanometer dimension) mineral clusters into collagen fibers. Such behavior is of intrinsic interest for the areas

Impact of UV Irradiation on the Surface Chemistry and Structure of Multiwall Carbon Nanotube Epoxy Nanocomposites

December 6, 2013
Elijah Petersen, Thomas F. Lam, Justin Gorham, Keana Scott, Chris Long, Deborah Jacobs, Renu Sharma, James Alexander Liddle, Tinh Nguyen
One of the most promising applications of nanomaterials is as nanofillers to enhance the properties of polymeric materials. However, the effect of nanofillers on polymers subject to typical environmental stresses, such as ultraviolet (UV) radiation, high