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Using Disaster Surveys to Model Business Interruption

October 8, 2023
Maria Watson, Yu Xiao, Jennifer Helgeson
Business interruption after disasters is an important metric for community resilience planning because has both economic and social consequences. Each additional day that a business is nonoperational further compounds lost revenue, wages, and lack of

Methods and lessons for business resilience and recovery surveys

May 25, 2023
Maria Watson, Charlotte Brown, John Handmer, Cynthia Kroll, Anne Wein, Jennifer Helgeson, Adam Rose, Noah Dormady, Juri Kim
Surveys are important tools in business resilience and recovery research because of their ability to capture disaggregated economic information; however, they can be difficult and costly due to business operational dynamics and the larger challenges of

A Call for a National Community Resilience Extension Partnership: Building a Sustained Multi-Disciplinary Bridge from Community Resilience Research to Practice and Communities

March 31, 2023
Christopher Clavin, Jennifer Helgeson, Matthew Malecha, Shubha Shrivastava
Establishing a national Community Resilience Extension Partnership, a boundary organization directly linking the scientific community with local planners and policymakers, would provide the research-to-practice infrastructure needed to accelerate the

Deciphering small business community disaster support using machine learning

March 3, 2023
Eleanor Pierel, Jennifer Helgeson, Kirstin Dow
With the increase in severity and frequency of natural hazards due to climate change, developing a holistic understanding of community resilience factors is critically important to disaster response and community support. Our investigation of small

Business Recovery from Disasters: Lessons from Natural Hazards and the COVID-19 Pandemic

August 9, 2022
Stephanie Chang, Charlotte Brown, John Handmer, Jennifer Helgeson, Yoshio Kajitani, Adriana Keating, Ilan Noy, Maria Watson, Sahar Derakhshan, Juri Kim, Alfredo Roa Henriquez
This paper compares economic recovery in the COVID-19 pandemic with other types of disasters, at the scale of businesses. As countries around the world struggle to emerge from the pandemic, studies of business impact and recovery have proliferated; however

Value of information and decision pathways: Concepts and case studies

May 20, 2022
Pierre Glynn, Charles Rhodes, Scott Chiavacci, Jennifer Helgeson, Carl Shapiro, Crista Straub
Information plays a key role in the policy decision-making process – but the collection and dissemination of information carries costs. Understanding how these costs compare to the benefits of having the information (this is the value of information: "VOI"

Urbanized knowledge syndrome: Mental models of human-environment interactions lack diversity and systems thinking among urban coastal residents

May 4, 2022
Payam Aminpour Mohammadabadi, Steven Gray, Michael Beck, Kelsi Furman, Ismini Tsakiri, Rachel Gittman, Jennifer Helgeson, Jonathan Grabowski, Lauren Josephs, Matthias Ruth, Steven Syphers
Coastal ecosystems and their natural habitats support high levels of ecological biodiversity and provide resources and services that are indispensable to human wellbeing, comprising complex social-ecological systems. However, shoreline armoring, land

Value of information: Exploring behavioral and social factors

May 4, 2022
Pierre Glynn, Charles Rhodes, Scott Chiavacci, Jennifer Helgeson, Carl Shapiro, Crista Straub
There is growing interest within and beyond the economics community in assessing the value of information (VOI) used in decision making. VOI assessments often do not consider the complex behavioral and social factors that affect the perception, valuation

Natural hazards compound COVID-19 impacts on small businesses disproportionately for historically underrepresented group operators

April 1, 2022
Jennifer Helgeson, Payam Aminpour Mohammadabadi, Juan Fung, Alfredo Roa Henriquez, Ariela Zycherman, David Butry, Claudia Nierenberg, Yating Zhang
In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic small businesses made headlines as hard hit by customer losses, revenue declines, and business closures. Yet, the impacts have been felt disproportionately by small businesses that suffered interruption due to pre

New Ways to Get to High Ground

March 14, 2022
Jennifer Helgeson, Jia Li
Benefit-cost analysis for sustainability and resilience planning needs new tools to proactively meet community needs and ensure that projects are successful.

NIST-NOAA Survey Tool for Business Disruption and Recovery Associated With Extreme Events: General Instrument Applied to the Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas Small- and Medium-Sized Business and Nonprofit Organizations Community Post-Hurricane Harvey

August 12, 2021
Michelle Meyer, Joy Semien, Jennifer Helgeson
To gather more in-depth information about how disasters affect businesses and nonprofits, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) launched a study of business disruption and

Spatially Compounded Weather Events: An Example from Hurricanes Matthew and Florence

June 3, 2021
Scott Curtis, Kelley DePolt, Jamie Kruse, Anuradha Mukherji, Jennifer Helgeson, Ausmita Ghosh, Philip Van Wagoner
The simultaneous rise of tropical-cyclone-induced flood waters across a large hazard management domain can stretch rescue and recovery efforts. Here we present a means to quantify the connectedness of maximum surge during a storm with geospatial statistics