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A small-volume microcapillary rheometer

March 30, 2022
Paul Salipante, Steve Kuei, Steven Hudson
We demonstrate a capillary device used to measure the shear rate dependent viscosity of microliter scale volumes. Liquid samples are driven pneumatically to fill a microcapillary and partially fill a larger glass capillary. The glass capillary is mounted

Blood vessel-on-a-chip examines biomechanics of microvasculature

November 15, 2021
Paul Salipante, Steven D. Hudson, Styliani Alimperti
We use a three-dimensional (3D) microvascular platform to measure the elasticity and membrane permeability of the endothelial cell layer. The microfluidic platform is connected with a pneumatic pressure controller to apply hydrostatic pressure. The

Spectroscopic and Spectrometric Approaches for Assessing the Composition of Embedded Metals in Tissues

November 24, 2020
Steven D. Hudson, Diane E. Smith, Todor Todorov, Adrian P. Defante, Jessica F. Hoffman, John F. Kalininch, Jose A. Centeno
Many medical devices contain metals that interface with the body. Additionally, embedded metal fragments from military wounds are typically not removed, to avoid the risk of morbidity associated with invasive surgery. The long-term health consequences of

Capillary RheoSANS: Measuring the Rheology and Nanostructure of Complex Fluids at High Shear Rates

July 15, 2020
Ryan P Murphy, Zachary W. Riedel, Marshall A. Nakatani, Paul Salipante, Javen S. Weston, Steven D. Hudson, Kathleen M Weigandt
Complex fluids containing micelles, proteins, polymers and inorganic nanoparticles are often processed and used in high shear environments that can lead to structural changes at the nanoscale. Here, capillary rheometery is combined with small-angle neutron

The impact of the metal interface on the stability and quality of a therapeutic fusion protein

January 9, 2020
Adrian P. Defante, Steven D. Hudson, Cavan K. Kalonia, Emma Keegan, Steven Bishop, Paul Santacroce, Satish Hasige
Subvisible particle formation which occurs after the sterile filtration step of the fill/finish process is challenge that may occur during the development of biotherapeutics with complex molecular structures. Here, we show that a stainless-steel pump head

Flow Resistance & Structures in Viscoelastic Channel Flows at Low Re

November 5, 2019
Boyang Qin, Paul Salipante, Steven Hudson, Paulo E. Arratia
The flow of viscoelastic fluids in channels and pipes remain poorly understood, particularly at low Reynolds numbers. Here, we investigate the flow of polymeric solutions in straight channels using pressure measurements and particle tracking. The law of

Upstream vortex and elastic wave in the viscoelastic flow around a confined cylinder

January 28, 2019
Boyang Qin, Paul Salipante, Steven Hudson, Paulo E. Arratia
The viscoelastic flow past cylinder is a classic benchmark problem that is not completely understood. Using novel holographic particle velocimetry, we report two main discoveries of the elastic instability upstream of a single cylinder in confined channel

Flow fluctuations in wormlike micelle fluids

October 22, 2018
Paul NMN Salipante, Steven Meek, Steven D Hudson
We investigate the unstable flow of wormlike micelle solutions in pressure driven capillary flow, with a focus on the effect of entrance geometry on the fluid fluctuations. The flow is measured at different points in the capillary using particle image

Simultaneous Slit Rheometry and In Situ Neutron Scattering

March 1, 2018
Javen Scott Weston, Daniel P. Seeman, Daniel L. Blair, Paul Salipante, Steven Hudson, Kathleen Weigandt
In situ measurement of fluid structure during flow, e.g., by neutron scattering, is key to understanding the relationship between structure and rheology. For some applications, structures at high shear rates heretofore unreachable are of particular

Protein Adsorption and Layer Formation at the Stainless Steel - Solution Interface Mediates Shear-Induced Particle Formation for an IgG1 Monoclonal Antibody

February 9, 2018
Cavan K. Kalonia, Frank Heinrich, Joseph E. Curtis, Sid Raman, Maria A. Miller, Steven Hudson
Passage of specific protein solutions through certain pumps, tubing, and/or filling nozzles can result in the production of unwanted subvisible protein particles (SVP). In this work, surface mediated SVP formation was investigated. Specifically, the

Microparticle tracking velocimetry as a tool for microfluidic flow measurements

June 7, 2017
Paul NMN Salipante, Steven D Hudson, James W. Schmidt, John D. Wright
The accurate measurement of flows in microfluidic channels is important for commercial and research applications. We compare the accuracy of flow measurement techniques over a wide range flows. Flow measurements made using holographic microparticle

Jetting of a shear banding fluid in a rectangular duct

March 14, 2017
Paul NMN Salipante, Charles A. Little, Steven D Hudson
We report on a jetting flow instability of shear banding worm-like micelle (WLM) solutions in microfluidic channels with rectangular cross-sections over an intermediate volumetric flow regime. Particle tracking methods are used to measure the three

Complex Arrangement of Orthogonal Columns via a Supramolecular Orientational Memory Effect

November 22, 2016
Mihai Peterca, Mohammad Imam, Steven Hudson, Benjamin Partridge, D Sahoo, Paul A. Heiney, M L. Klein, Virgil Percec
Memory effects, including shape, chiral and liquid crystalline, enabled macroscopic materials with novel functions. However, the generation of complex supramolecular nanosystems via memory effects was not investigated. Here we report a cyclotriveratrylene

Jetting Flow of a Shear Banding Fluid

November 20, 2016
Paul NMN Salipante, Charles A. Little, Steven D Hudson
In this video we show the jetting behavior of a shear banding worm-like micelle solution in microfluidic flows. The jetting behavior is characterized by a self-contained portion of the channel where the flow velocity is greater than the surroundings. We

Reversible adsorption kinetics of near surface dimer colloids

August 2, 2016
Paul NMN Salipante, Steven D Hudson
We investigate the effect of shape on reversible adsorption kinetics using colloidal polystyrene dimers near a solid glass surface as a model system. The interaction between colloid and wall is tuned using electrostatic, depletion, and gravity forces to

Rheology of clustering protein solutions

July 5, 2016
Vishnu Dharmaraj, P. Douglas Godfrin, Yun Liu, Steven Hudson
High viscosity is a major challenge with protein therapeutics at extremely high concentration. Understanding the relationship between the concentration of a protein solution and its viscosity as a function of shear rate and temperature is therefore

Depletion-Driven Crystallization of Cubic Colloids Sedimented on a Surface

May 19, 2016
Harold W. Hatch, William P. Krekelberg, Steven D Hudson, Vincent K. Shen
Cubic colloids, sedimented on a surface and immersed in a solution of depletant molecules, were modeled with a family of shapes which smoothly varies from squares to circles. Using Wang-Landau simulations with expanded ensembles, we observe the formation

Short-Time Glassy Dynamics in Viscous Protein Solutions with Competing Interactions

November 27, 2015
P. Douglas Godfrin, Steven Hudson, Kunlun Hong, Lionel Porcar, Peter Falus, Norman J. Wagner, Yun Liu
Although there have been numerous investigations of the glass transition for colloidal dispersions with only a short range attraction (SA), less is understood for systems interacting with a SA and an additional longer range repulsion (LR), which is