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Reference Isotherms for Water Vapor Sorption on Nanoporous Carbon: Results of an Interlaboratory Study

May 26, 2023
Huong Giang Nguyen, Blaza Toman, Roger D. van Zee, Carsten Prinz, Matthias Thommes, Riaz Ahmad, David Kiska, Jamie Salinger, Ian Walton, Krista Walton, Darren Broom, Mike Benham, Humera Ansari, Ronny Pini, Camille Petit, Jurgen Adolphs, Andreas Schreiber, Toshihiro Shigeoka, Yuko Konishi, Kazuyuki Nakai, Matthias Henninger, Thomas Petrzik, Can Kececi, Vladimir Martis, Thomas Pasche, Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani

Catalyst Enabled in Situ Linkage Reduction in Imine Covalent Organic Frameworks

April 29, 2021
Jiyun Hu, Federica Zanca, Gregory McManus, Isabella Riha, Huong Giang Nguyen, William Shirley, Collin Borcik, Benjamin Wylie, Mourad Benamara, Roger van Zee, Peyman Moghadam, M. Hassan Beyzavi
New linkages for covalent organic frameworks (COFs) have been continuously pursued by chemists as it serves as the structure and property foundation for the materials. Developing new reaction types or modifying known linkages have been the only two methods

A Reference High-Pressure CH4 Adsorption Isotherm for Zeolite Y: Results of an Interlaboratory Study

September 11, 2020
Huong Giang T. Nguyen, Christopher M. Sims, Blaza Toman, Jarod C. Horn, Roger D. van Zee, Mathias Thommes, Riaz Ahmad, Joeri F. Denayer, Gino V. Baron, Emilio Napolitano, Marek Bielewski, Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani, Broom Darren, M.J. Benham, Anne Dailly, Frieder Dreisbach, Satyannarayana Edubilli, Sasidhar Gumma, Jens Mollmer, Marcus Lange, Mi Tian, Tim Mays, T. Shigeoka, S. Yamakita, M. Hakuman, Y. Nakada, K. Nakai, Junyoung Hwang, Ronny Pini, Huan Jiang, Armin Ebner, Marjorie Nicholson, James Ritter, Judit Farrando Perez, Carlos Cuadrado, Joaquin Silvestre Albero, Christos Tampaxis, Theodore Steriotis, Daniela Rimnacova, Martina Svabova, Maryna Vorokhta, Hai Wang, Eric Bovens, Nicolas Heymans, Guy de Weireld
This paper reports the results of an international interlaboratory study led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the measurement of high-pressure surface excess methane adsorption isotherms on NIST Reference Material RM 8850

Vapor- and Liquid-Phase Adsorption of Alcohol and Water in Silicalite-1 Synthesized in Fluoride Media

November 21, 2019
Robert F. DeJaco, Matheus D. de Mello, Huong Giang Nguyen, Mi Young Jeon, Roger D. van Zee, Michael Tsapatsis, Ilja J. Siepmann
In this work, batch-adsorption experiments and molecular simulations are employed to probe the adsorption of binary mixtures containing ethanol or a linear alkane-1,n-diol solvated in water or ethanol onto silicalite-1. Since the batch-adsorption

A reference high-pressure CO2 adsorption isotherm for ammonium ZSM-5 zeolite: results of an interlaboratory study

July 26, 2018
Huong Giang T. Nguyen, Laura Espinal, Roger D. van Zee, Matthias Thommes, Blaza Toman, Sterlin Hudson, Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani, Katie Cychosz, Pieter Bertier, Feng Yang, Bernhard Krooss, Rebecca Siegelman, Jeffrey Long, Yoko Nakada, Kazu Nakai, Armin Ebner, James Ritter, Aaron Moran, Orhan Talu, Yi Huang, Krista Walton, Pierre Billemont, Guy de Weireld
This paper reports the results of an international interlaboratory study led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the measurement of high-pressure surface excess carbon dioxide adsorption isotherms on NIST Reference Material RM

Rapid scan absorption spectroscopy using a waveform-driven electro-optic phase modulator in the 1.6- 1.65 ym region

September 25, 2013
Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen Maxwell, Gar W. Truong, Roger D. van Zee, Joseph T. Hodges, David Long, David F. Plusquellic
A method is reported for performing fast optical frequency scans over a bandwidth of 36.9 GHz and at a sweep rate of 40 kHz using a single second-order sideband from an electro-optic phase modulator driven by an arbitrary waveform generator. Single

Frequency-agile, rapid scanning spectroscopy

April 28, 2013
Gar W. Truong, Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen E. Maxwell, Roger D. van Zee, David F. Plusquellic, Joseph T. Hodges, David A. Long
Challenging applications in trace gas analyses require high precision and acquisition rates.1-4 Many continuous-wave laser spectroscopy techniques exhibit significant sensitivity and potential;5 however, their scanning rates are slow because they rely upon

Frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectroscopy

March 21, 2012
David A. Long, A. Cygan, Roger D. van Zee, Mitchio Okumura, C. E. Miller, D Lisak, Joseph T. Hodges
This Frontiers article describes frequency-stabilized cavity ring-down spectroscopy (FS-CRDS), an ultraprecise refinement of conventional cw-CRDS. We review the technique and highlight some recent studies which have utilized FS-CRDS to perform precision

Construction of a High Power OPO Laser system for Differential Absorption LIDAR

September 13, 2011
Kevin O. Douglass, Stephen E. Maxwell, David F. Plusquellic, Joseph T. Hodges, Roger D. van Zee, Daniel V. Samarov, James R. Whetstone
Our goal is to develop and characterize optical measurement technology to enable accurate quantification of greenhouse-gas emissions to meet the needs of industry and regulators. A 1064 nm pumped high energy optical parametric oscillator (OPO) operating

Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectra of Para-Phenylene-Ethynylene Thiols Chemisorbed on Gold

January 1, 2008
Christopher D. Zangmeister, Roger D. van Zee, Steven W. Robey, N E. Gruhn, Yuxing Yao, J M. Tour
Photoemission spectra of para-phenylene-ethynylene thiols chemisorbed on gold have been measured. Four compounds were studied: 4,4'-bis(phenylethynyl)-benzenethiol, 4 (phenylethynyl)benzenethiol, 4-ethynylbenzenethiol, and benzenethiol. The spectra were

Tracing Electronic Pathways in Molecules Using Inelastic Tunneling Spectroscopy

September 4, 2007
Alessandro Troisi, J M. Beebe, Laura B. Picraux, Roger D. van Zee, D R. Stewart, M Ratner, James G. Kushmerick
Using inelastic electron tunneling spectroscopy (IETS) to measure the vibronic structure of non-equilibrium molecular transport, aided by a quantitative interpretation scheme based on non-equilibrium Greens function/density functional theory methods, we

Building Electronic Function Into Nanoscale Molecular Architectures

August 30, 2007
H D. Abruna, M Ratner, Roger D. van Zee
The use of molecules in electronic circuit has been the subject of recent study. Experimentally, two-terminal, molecular rectifiers have been demonstrated, three-terminal, single-molecule transistors demonstrated, and electromechanical molecular switches

Energy-Level Alignment and Work Function Shifts for Thiol-Bound Monolayers of Conjugated Molecules Self-Assembled on Ag, Cu, Au, and Pt

July 1, 2007
Christopher D. Zangmeister, Laura B. Picraux, Roger D. van Zee, Yuxing Yao, J M. Tour
Photoemission spectra have been used to determine the energy-level alignment and work function of monolayers of 4,4'-bis-(phenylethynyl)benzenethiol, 2 naphthalene thiol, and 3-(naphthalen-2-yl)propane-1-thiol self-assembled on Ag, Cu, Au, and Pt. For each

Fermi Level Alignment and Electronic Levels in Molecular Wire Self-Assembled Monolayers on Au

October 1, 2004
Christopher D. Zangmeister, Steven W. Robey, Roger D. van Zee, Yuxing Yao, J M. Tour
A combination of one- and two-photon photoelectron spectroscopies are used to determine the electronic structure around the Fermi level for self-assembled monolayers of a prototypical molecular wire , 4,4 -(ethynylphenyl)-1-benzenethiol (C6H5-C≡C-C6H4-C≡C-

Optical Characterization of Oligo (phenylene-ethynylene) Self-Assembled Monolayers on GoldMonolayers on Gold

July 27, 2004
Lee J. Richter, Clayton S. Yang, P T. Wilson, Christina A. Hacker, Roger D. van Zee, J J. Stapleton, D L. Allara, Yuxing Yao, J M. Tour
Vibrationally resonant sum frequency generation (VR-SFG) and spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) have been used to characterize self-assembled monolayer films of unsubstituted and mononitro substituted oligo(phenylene-ethynylene) molecules on vapor deposited