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A Reference High-Pressure CH4 Adsorption Isotherm for Zeolite Y: Results of an Interlaboratory Study



Huong Giang T. Nguyen, Christopher M. Sims, Blaza Toman, Jarod C. Horn, Roger D. van Zee, Mathias Thommes, Riaz Ahmad, Joeri F. Denayer, Gino V. Baron, Emilio Napolitano, Marek Bielewski, Enzo Mangano, Stefano Brandani, Broom Darren, M.J. Benham, Anne Dailly, Frieder Dreisbach, Satyannarayana Edubilli, Sasidhar Gumma, Jens Mollmer, Marcus Lange, Mi Tian, Tim Mays, T. Shigeoka, S. Yamakita, M. Hakuman, Y. Nakada, K. Nakai, Junyoung Hwang, Ronny Pini, Huan Jiang, Armin Ebner, Marjorie Nicholson, James Ritter, Judit Farrando Perez, Carlos Cuadrado, Joaquin Silvestre Albero, Christos Tampaxis, Theodore Steriotis, Daniela Rimnacova, Martina Svabova, Maryna Vorokhta, Hai Wang, Eric Bovens, Nicolas Heymans, Guy de Weireld


This paper reports the results of an international interlaboratory study led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) on the measurement of high-pressure surface excess methane adsorption isotherms on NIST Reference Material RM 8850 (Zeolite Y), at 25 °C up to 7.5 MPa. Twenty laboratories participated in the study and contributed over one-hundred adsorption isotherms of methane on Zeolite Y. From these data, an empirical reference equation was determined, along with a 95% uncertainty interval (Uk=2). By requiring participants to replicate a high-pressure reference isotherm for carbon dioxide adsorption on NIST Reference Material RM 8852 (ZSM-5), this interlaboratory study also demonstrated the usefulness of reference isotherms in evaluating the performance of high-pressure adsorption experiments.


CH4, high-pressure adsorption isotherm, interlaboratory study, reference isotherm, reference material, RM 8850, RM 8852, surface excess adsorption, Zeolite Y, ZSM-5


T., H. , Sims, C. , Toman, B. , Horn, J. , van, R. , Thommes, M. , Ahmad, R. , Denayer, J. , Baron, G. , Napolitano, E. , Bielewski, M. , Mangano, E. , Brandani, S. , Darren, B. , Benham, M. , Dailly, A. , Dreisbach, F. , Edubilli, S. , Gumma, S. , Mollmer, J. , Lange, M. , Tian, M. , Mays, T. , Shigeoka, T. , Yamakita, S. , Hakuman, M. , Nakada, Y. , Nakai, K. , Hwang, J. , Pini, R. , Jiang, H. , Ebner, A. , Nicholson, M. , Ritter, J. , Farrando, J. , Cuadrado, C. , Silvestre, J. , Tampaxis, C. , Steriotis, T. , Rimnacova, D. , Svabova, M. , Vorokhta, M. , Wang, H. , Bovens, E. , Heymans, N. and de, G. (2020), A Reference High-Pressure CH4 Adsorption Isotherm for Zeolite Y: Results of an Interlaboratory Study, Adsorption, [online], (Accessed July 20, 2024)


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Created September 10, 2020, Updated October 22, 2020