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In-situ Stress Measurements During CO Adsorption onto Pt

February 24, 2022
David Raciti, Gery R. Stafford, Kathleen Schwarz, John Vinson
The change in surface stress associated with the adsorption and oxidative stripping of carbon monoxide (CO) on (111)-textured Pt is examined using the wafer curvature method in 0.1 M KHCO3 electrolyte. The curvature of the Pt cantilever electrode was

In-situ Stress Measurements During Cobalt Electrodeposition

January 12, 2019
Gery R. Stafford, Ugo Bertocci
In situ cantilever curvature is used to quantify the growth stress in Co thin films, electrodeposited from an electrolyte consisting of 0.5 mol/L Na2SO4, 0.5 mol/L H3BO3, and 0.1 mol/L CoSO4 . 7 H20. The average biaxial steady-state stress is measured as a

Mechanical response of thermally annealed Nafion thin films

December 7, 2016
Bradley R. Frieberg, Kirt A. Page, Joshua R. Graybill, Marlon L. Walker, Gery R. Stafford, Christopher L. Soles
The proton exchange membranes (PEMs) in a hydrogen fuel cell experiences hundreds if not thousands of cycles between wet and dry conditions during their service life, which leads to swelling and shrinking of the membrane material. This can lead to

In-situ Stress Measurements During Cobalt Electrodeposition on (111)-Textured Au

April 14, 2016
Gery R. Stafford, Matthew R. Fayette, Ugo Bertocci
Cantilever curvature was used to examine stress generation during the electrodeposition of Co from 0.1 M NaClO4 + 0.001 M Co(ClO4)2 (pH = 4.8) in films measuring less than 100 nm in thickness. The stress-thickness product showed a -0.2 N/m compression in

Electrodeposition of Al-W-Mn Ternary Alloys from the Lewis Acidic Aluminum Chloride?1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquid

November 16, 2015
Gery R. Stafford, Tetsuya Tsuda, Yuichi Ikeda, Akihito Imanishi, Shohei Kusumoto, Sudsumu Kuwabata, Charles Hussey
The electrodeposition of non-equilibrium ternary Al-W-Mn alloys was examined in the Lewis acidic 66.7-33.3 mole ratio aluminum chloride–1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride (AlCl3–[C2mim]Cl) ionic liquid (IL). K3[W2Cl9] and MnCl2 were added to provide

Stress in Aluminum Induced by Hydrogen Absorption during Cathodic Polarization

September 16, 2015
Gery R. Stafford, Jae W. Shin, Kurt Hebert
The hydrogen concentration in metals during aqueous corrosion is influenced by the kinetics of hydrogen absorption. Measurements of absorption kinetics are challenged by competing gas evolution and corrosion processes. However, in situ measurements of

In-Situ Method for Measuring the Mechanical Properties of Nafion Thin Films during Hydration Cycles

August 15, 2015
Kirt A. Page, Jae W. Shin, Scott Eastman, Brandon W. Rowe, Sangcheol Kim, Ahmet Kusoglu, Kevin G. Yager, Gery R. Stafford
Perfluorinated ionomers, in particular Nafion, are an essential component in hydrogen fuel cells, as both the proton exchange membrane and the binder within the catalyst layer. During normal operation of a hydrogen fuel cell the ionomer will progressively

Role of Elastic Strain on Electrocatalysis of Oxygen Reduction Reaction on Pt

July 23, 2015
Gery R. Stafford, Vijay Sethuraman, Deepa Vairavapandian, Manon C. Lafouresse, Tuhina Maark, Naba Karan, Shouheng Sun, Ugo Bertocci, Andrew Peterson, Pradeep Guduru
The effect of elastic strain on catalytic activity of platinum (Pt) towards oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) is investigated through de-alloyed Pt-Cu thin films; stress evolution in the de-alloyed layer and the mass of the Cu removed are measured in real

Dynamic Stress Analysis Applied to the Electrodeposition of Copper

March 16, 2015
Manon C. Lafouresse, Ugo Bertocci, Gery R. Stafford
Stress development during the electrodeposition of copper from additive-free, acidic CuSO_(4) electrolyte was analyzed by dynamic stress analysis, an in situ characterization technique that combines electrochemical impedance spectroscopy with cantilever

Electrodeposition of Al-W Alloys in the Lewis Acidic Aluminum Chloride-1-Ethyl-3-Methylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquid

April 24, 2014
Tetsuya Tsuda , Yuichi Ikeda , Takashi Arimura, Masaki Hirogaki, Akinito Imanishi, Susumu Kuwabata, Gery R. Stafford, Charles Hussey
The electrodeposition of non-equilibrium Al-W alloys was investigated in the Lewis acidic 66.7-33.3 % mole fraction aluminum chloride-1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium chloride (AlCl_(3)-[EtMeIm]Cl) room-temperature ionic liquid (IL). The W(III) compound, K_(3)

Understanding residual stress in electrodeposited Cu thin films

December 13, 2013
Eric Chason, Alison Engwal, Fei Pei, Manon C. Lafouresse, Ugo Bertocci, Gery R. Stafford, Joseph A. Murphy, Catherine Lenihan, D. N. Buckley
We report on the results of a multi-laboratory study to measure the steady state growth stress of planar copper thin films, electrodeposited from additive-free acidic sulfate electrolyte. Measurements were made using the wafer curvature method, that

Dynamic Stress Analysis Applied to (111)-Textured Pt in HClO_(4) Electrolyte

July 20, 2013
Manon C. Lafouresse, Ugo Bertocci, Gery R. Stafford
Dynamic stress analysis (DSA) was performed on Pt cantilever electrodes immersed in a 0.1 mol/L HClO_(4) electrolyte. DSA combines elements of electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS) and cantilever curvature. In this paper DSA is used to determine the

Stress Control in Electrodeposited CoFe Films - Experimental Study and Analytical Model

July 25, 2012
Stanko R. Brankovic, Burhanuddin Kagajwala, Jinnie George, Shruti Santangopalan, Gery R. Stafford, Paul Ruchhoeft
The work investigating the effect of saccharine as an additive on growth stress and structure of electrodeposited CoFe films is presented. The saccharine concentrations were in the range between 0 gL^(-1) and 1.5 g^(L-1). The stress measurements are

In situ stress measurement during electrodeposition of Ni_(x)Pt_(1-x) alloys

June 20, 2012
Jae W. Shin, Carlos M. Hangarter, Ugo Bertocci, Yihua Y. Liu, Thomas P. Moffat, Gery R. Stafford
Stress generation was examined during the electrodeposition of NixPt1-x alloys from 0.5 M NaCl + 3 mM K2PtCl4 + 0.1 M NiCl2 (pH=2.5), using the wafer curvature method, in films measuring less than 50 nm in thickness. Steady state tensile stress, ranging