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Development of Two Fine Particulate Matter Standard Reference Materials (

Michele M. Schantz, Danielle Cleveland, Nathanael A. Heckert, John R. Kucklick, Stefan D. Leigh, Stephen E. Long, Jennifer M. Lynch, Karen E. Murphy, Rabia Oflaz, Adam L. Pintar, Barbara J. Porter, Savelas A. Rabb, Stacy S. Schuur, Stephen A. Wise, Rolf L. Zeisler
Two new Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), SRM 2786 Fine Particulate Matter (

The Occurrence of Repeated Fiber Breaks in Microcomposites

Gale A. Holmes, Edward D. McCarthy, Nathanael A. Heckert, Stefan D. Leigh, Jae Hyun Kim, Jeffrey W. Gilman
The mechanical integrity of a structural composite is strongly affected by the strength and toughness of the fiber–matrix interface/interphase (Norwood, 1994)

Development of a Standard Reference Material for Metabolomics Research

Karen W. Phinney, Guillaume Ballihaut, Mary Bedner, Johanna Camara, Steven J. Christopher, William C. Davis, Nathan G. Dodder, Brian E. Lang, Stephen E. Long, Mark S. Lowenthal, Elizabeth A. McGaw, Karen E. Murphy, Bryant C. Nelson, Jocelyn L. Prendergast, Jessica L. Reiner, Catherine A. Rimmer, Lane C. Sander, Michele M. Schantz, Katherine E. Sharpless, Lorna T. Sniegoski, Susan S. Tai, Jeanice M. Brown Thomas, Thomas W. Vetter, Michael J. Welch, Stephen A. Wise, Laura J. Wood, William F. Guthrie, Robert C. Hagwood, Stefan D. Leigh, James H. Yen, Nien F. Zhang, Madhu Chaurhary-Webb, Huiping Chen, Bridgette Haynes, Donna J. LaVoie, Leslie F. McCoy, Shahzad S. Momin, Neelima Paladugula, Elizabeth C. Pendergrast, Christine M. Pfeiffer, Carissa D. Powers, Zia Fazili-Qari, Daniel Rabinowitz, Michael E. Rybak, Rosemary L. Schleicher, Mary Xu, Mindy Zhang, Arthur L. Castle, Brandi S. Benford, Gauthier Eppe


Michele M. Schantz, Katherine E. Sharpless, Stephen A. Wise, Rebecca Heltsley, Jennifer Keller, John Kucklick, Stacy VanderPol, Stefan D. Leigh, Donald G. Patterson, Jr., Andreas Sjodon, Wayman E. Turner
Four new Standard Reference Materials (SRMs) have been developed to assist in the quality assurance required for human biomonitoring studies. These materials

Breakfast Cereal Sampling Study for Nutritional Elements

Laura J. Wood, Katrice A. Lippa, Melissa M. Phillips, Catherine A. Rimmer, Nathanael A. Heckert, Stefan D. Leigh, Amanda J. Moors, Rebecca S. Pugh
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has established a Dietary Supplement Laboratory Quality Assurance Program (DSQAP) in collaboration

Statistical analysis of fiber gripping effects on Kolsky bar test

Jae Hyun Kim, Nathanael A. Heckert, Stefan D. Leigh, Haruki Kobayashi, Walter G. McDonough, Richard L. Rhorer, Kirk D. Rice, Gale A. Holmes
Preliminary data for testing fibers at high strain rates using the Kolsky bar test by Ming Cheng et al. 1 indicated minimal effect of strain rate on the tensile