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The Occurrence of Repeated Fiber Breaks in Microcomposites



Gale A. Holmes, Edward D. McCarthy, Nathanael A. Heckert, Stefan D. Leigh, Jae Hyun Kim, Jeffrey W. Gilman


The mechanical integrity of a structural composite is strongly affected by the strength and toughness of the fiber–matrix interface/interphase (Norwood, 1994), with interfacial shear strength (IFSS) considered the best quantifying metric. IFSS outputs are often used to predict the strength and failure behavior in unidirectional (UD) composite failure models (CFMs). However, the validity of extrapolating from test results based upon the repeated failure of a single isolated fiber to multi-fiber composites, where the interaction between fibers can be important, has often been questioned. In this presentation, the spatial distributions of fiber breaks in a single fiber fragmentation test (SFFT) specimen, such as used in IFSS measurements, and a 2-D array of glass fibers (i.e., multi-fiber fragmentation test (MFFT) specimen) are compared.
Proceedings Title
Composites at Lake Louise 2015
Conference Dates
November 8-12, 2015
Conference Location
Lake Louise


Single Fiber Fragmentation Test, Multi-Fiber Fragmentation Test, Interfacial Shear Strength


Holmes, G. , McCarthy, E. , Heckert, N. , Leigh, S. , , J. and Gilman, J. (2015), The Occurrence of Repeated Fiber Breaks in Microcomposites, Composites at Lake Louise 2015, Lake Louise, -1 (Accessed July 23, 2024)


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Created November 10, 2015, Updated March 24, 2017