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A Statistical Technique for Increasing the Size Range of a Phase Doppler Interferometer



J F. Widmann, S R. Charagundla, Cary Presser, Stefan D. Leigh


Since its introduction, phase Doppler interferometry (PDI) has been used to characterize sprays in areas such as liquid fuel spray combustion, coal slurry combustion, coatings, pesticides, fire suppression, and others. PDI is an extension of laser Doppler velocimetry (LDV) and can measure droplet size as well as velocity. One limitation of PDI is the measured size range of the droplets. Due to the limitations of the photomultiplier tubes, the dynamic range of these instruments is typically limited to approximately 35:1 or 40:1. For many applications this is inadequate because the size range of the spray or droplet dispersion being measured covers a much larger span. To overcome the size limitations of the PDI, a statistical technique has been developed that permits the size range to be expanded by post-processing of the data. This method involves collecting size distributions over several **windows** of the entire size range and subsequently splicing the distributions together. The technique used to combine the data is discussed, and the method is validated using numerical simulations.
International Journal of Multiphase Flow


drop size measurements, Phase Doppler Interferometry, sprays


Widmann, J. , Charagundla, S. , Presser, C. and Leigh, S. (2021), A Statistical Technique for Increasing the Size Range of a Phase Doppler Interferometer, International Journal of Multiphase Flow (Accessed April 16, 2024)
Created October 12, 2021