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Development of a Standard Reference Material for Metabolomics Research



Karen W. Phinney, Guillaume Ballihaut, Mary Bedner, Johanna Camara, Steven J. Christopher, William C. Davis, Nathan G. Dodder, Brian E. Lang, Stephen E. Long, Mark S. Lowenthal, Elizabeth A. McGaw, Karen E. Murphy, Bryant C. Nelson, Jocelyn L. Prendergast, Jessica L. Reiner, Catherine A. Rimmer, Lane C. Sander, Michele M. Schantz, Katherine E. Sharpless, Lorna T. Sniegoski, Susan S. Tai, Jeanice M. Brown Thomas, Thomas W. Vetter, Michael J. Welch, Stephen A. Wise, Laura J. Wood, William F. Guthrie, Robert C. Hagwood, Stefan D. Leigh, James H. Yen, Nien F. Zhang, Madhu Chaurhary-Webb, Huiping Chen, Bridgette Haynes, Donna J. LaVoie, Leslie F. McCoy, Shahzad S. Momin, Neelima Paladugula, Elizabeth C. Pendergrast, Christine M. Pfeiffer, Carissa D. Powers, Zia Fazili-Qari, Daniel Rabinowitz, Michael E. Rybak, Rosemary L. Schleicher, Mary Xu, Mindy Zhang, Arthur L. Castle, Brandi S. Benford, Gauthier Eppe
Analytical Chemistry


Phinney, K. , Ballihaut, G. , Bedner, M. , Camara, J. , Christopher, S. , Davis, W. , Dodder, N. , Lang, B. , Long, S. , Lowenthal, M. , McGaw, E. , Murphy, K. , Nelson, B. , Prendergast, J. , Reiner, J. , Rimmer, C. , Sander, L. , Schantz, M. , Sharpless, K. , Sniegoski, L. , Tai, S. , Brown, J. , Vetter, T. , Welch, M. , Wise, S. , Wood, L. , Guthrie, W. , Hagwood, R. , Leigh, S. , Yen, J. , Zhang, N. , Chaurhary-Webb, M. , Chen, H. , Haynes, B. , LaVoie, D. , McCoy, L. , Momin, S. , Paladugula, N. , Pendergrast, E. , Pfeiffer, C. , Powers, C. , Fazili-Qari, Z. , Rabinowitz, D. , Rybak, M. , Schleicher, R. , Xu, M. , Zhang, M. , Castle, A. , Benford, B. and Eppe, G. (2013), Development of a Standard Reference Material for Metabolomics Research, Analytical Chemistry, [online], (Accessed April 14, 2024)
Created November 4, 2013, Updated January 27, 2020