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Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)

Vladimir L. Orkin, Stephen A. Montzka, Guus J. Velders, Paul B. Krummel, Malte Meinshausen, J. Muhle, Sunyoung Park

Nonlinear Response of Silicon Solar Cells

Behrang H. Hamadani, Andrew M. Shore, Howard W. Yoon, Mark Campanelli
We used an LED-array-based combinatorial flux addition method to explore the wavelength and the intensity-dependence of the spectral responsivity in silicon

Simulation of TTT curves for additively manufactured Inconel 625

Carelyn E. Campbell, Greta Lindwall, Eric Lass, Fan Zhang, Mark R. Stoudt, Andrew J. Allen, Lyle E. Levine
The ability to use common computational thermodynamic and kinetic tools to study the microstructure evolution in Inconel 625 (IN625) manufactured using the

Chip-scale atomic diffractive optical elements

Liron Stern, Douglas G. Bopp, Susan A. Schima, Vincent N. Maurice, John E. Kitching
Atomic systems have long provided a useful material platform with unique quantum properties. The efficient light-matter interaction in atomic vapors has led to

Boehmite and Gibbsite Nanoplates for the Synthesis of Advanced Alumina Products

Xin Zhang, Patricia L. Huestis, Carolyn I. Pearce, Jian Zhi Hu, Katharine Page, Lawrence M Anovitz, Alexandr B. Aleksandrov, Micah P. Prange, Sebastien Kerisit, Mark E. Bowden, Wenwen Cui, Zheming Wang, Nicholas R. Jaegers, Trent R. Graham, Mateusz Dembowski, Hsiu-Wen Wang, Jue Liu, Alpha T. N'Diaye, Markus Bleuel, David F. Mildner, Thomas M. Orlando, Greg A. Kimmel, Jay A. La Verne, Sue B. Clark, Kevin M. Rosso
Boehmite (γ-AlOOH) and gibbsite (α-A;(OH)3) are important archetype (oxy)hydroxides of aluminum in nature that also play diverse roles across a plethora of

Microwave Monitoring of Atmospheric Corrosion of Interconnects

Papa K. Amoah, Dmitry Veksler, Christopher E. Sunday, Stephane Moreau, David Bouchu, Yaw S. Obeng
Traditional metrology has been unable to adequately address the reliability needs of emerging integrated circuits at the nano scale; thus, new metrology and
Displaying 1826 - 1850 of 51460