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Photonic chip-based low noise microwave oscillator

March 6, 2024
Igor Kudelin, William Groman, Scott Diddams, Dahyeon Lee, Megan Kelleher, Takuma Nakamura, Charles McLemore, Franklyn Quinlan, Qing-Xin Ji, Joel Guo, Andrey Matsko, John Bowers, Kerry Vahala, Warren Jin, Lue Wu, Yifan Liu, Wei Zhang, Steven Bowers, Joe Campbell, Pedram Shirmohammadi, Samin Hanifi, Haotian Cheng, Naijun Jin, Sam Halliday, Zhaowei Dai, Chao Xiang, Vladimir Iltchenko, Owen Miller, Peter Rakich
Numerous modern technologies are reliant on the low-phase noise and timing stability performance of microwave signals. Substantial progress has been made in the field of microwave photonics, whereby low noise microwave signals are generated by the down

Photonic bandgap microcombs at 1064 nm

February 27, 2024
Gregory Spektor, Jizhao Zang, Atasi Dan, Travis Briles, Grant Brodnik, Haixin Liu, Jennifer Black, David Carlson, Scott Papp
Microresonator frequency combs and their design versatility have revolutionized research areas from data communication to exoplanet searches. While microcombs in the 1550 nm band are well documented, there is interest in using microcombs in other bands

Zeeman-resolved Autler-Townes splitting in Rydberg atoms with a tunable RF resonance and a single transition dipole moment

February 21, 2024
Noah Schlossberger, Drew Rotunno, Aly Artusio-Glimpse, Nik Prajapati, Samuel Berweger, Dangka Shylla, Matt Simons, Christopher L. Holloway
Applying a magnetic field as a method for tuning the frequency of Autler-Townes splitting for Rydberg electrometry has recently been demonstrated. In this Letter, we provide a theoretical understanding of Rydberg electromechanically-induced-transparency

Optical frequency division & pulse synchronization using a photonic-crystal microcomb injected chip-scale mode-locked laser

February 15, 2024
Chinmay Shirpurkar, Jizhao Zang, Ricardo Bustos-Ramirez, David Carlson, Travis Briles, Lawrence R. Trask, Srinivas V. Pericherla, Di Huang, Ashish Bhardwaj, Gloria E. Hoefler, Scott Papp, Peter J. Delfyett
A mode-locked laser photonic integrated circuit with a repetition rate of 10 GHz is optically synchronized to a tantalabased photonic crystal resonator comb with a repetition rate of 200 GHz. The synchronization is achieved through regenerative harmonic

Advancing Measurement Science for Microelectronics: CHIPS R&D Metrology Program

February 13, 2024
Marla L. Dowell, Hannah Brown, Gretchen Greene, Paul D. Hale, Brian Hoskins, Sarah Hughes, Bob R. Keller, R Joseph Kline, June W. Lau, Jeff Shainline
The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022 called for NIST to "carry out a microelectronics research program to enable advances and breakthroughs....that will accelerate the underlying R&D for metrology of next-generation microelectronics and ensure the

Emission Ghost Imaging: reconstruction with data augmentation

February 1, 2024
Kevin J. Coakley, Heather H. Chen-Mayer, Bruce D. Ravel, Daniel Josell, Nikolai Klimov, Sarah Robinson, Daniel S. Hussey
Ghost Imaging enables 2D reconstruction of an object even though particles transmitted or emitted by the object of interest are detected with a single pixel detector without spatial resolution. This is possible because the incident beam is spatially

Laser-power consumption of soliton formation in a bidirectional Kerr resonator

January 30, 2024
Jizhao Zang, Su-Peng Yu, Haixin Liu, Yan Jin, Travis Briles, David Carlson, Scott Papp
Laser sources power extreme data transmission as well as computing acceleration, access to ultrahigh-speed signaling, and sensing for chemicals, distance, and pattern recognition. The ever-growing scale of these applications drives innovation in multi
Displaying 26 - 50 of 2309