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Evaluation of Uncertainties in Atomic Data on Spectral Lines and Transition Probabilities



Alexander Kramida


The present article discusses some recent advances in methods of critical evaluation of experimental data on wavelengths of spectral lines and theoretical data on transition probabilities and oscillator strengths for atoms and atomic ions. In particular, recently developed new statistical approaches to estimation of uncertainties of weighted means of multiple measurements are described, and a numerical toolbox implementing these new approaches is presented. There are also some new developments in estimation of uncertainties of theoretical transition probabilities. A short review of literature implementing these new procedures is provided, including a description of the methodology.
European Physical Journal D


atomic databases, standard reference databases, atomic spectroscopy, spectral lines, energy levels, transition probabilities, uncertainty evaluation


Kramida, A. (2024), Evaluation of Uncertainties in Atomic Data on Spectral Lines and Transition Probabilities, European Physical Journal D, [online],, (Accessed May 26, 2024)


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Created April 3, 2024, Updated April 7, 2024