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Microstrip and Grounded CPW Calibration Kit Comparison for On-Wafer Transistor Characterization from 220 GHz to 325 GHz

November 15, 2023
Rob Jones, Jerome Cheron, Bryan Bosworth, Ben Jamroz, Dylan Williams, Miguel Urteaga, Ari Feldman, Peter Aaen
In this paper, we investigate the effect of two calibration errors, probe placement and capacitance per unit length, on transistor characterization from 220 GHz to 325 GHz on both a microstrip and an inverted coplanar waveguide with a via stitched ground

Measuring the frequency of a pendulum

November 13, 2023
Jon R. Pratt, Stephan Schlamminger, Charles Condos, Jack Manley, Dalziel Wilson
We previously reported the use of a chip-scale torsion pendulum as a clock gravimeter, exploiting the parametric coupling of its frequency to the local acceleration of gravity and demonstrating micro-g resolution with a silicon nitride prototype. Here, we


November 10, 2023
Vinod Narang, Zhang Chuan, David Su, Phil Kaszuba, Steven Herschbein, Alan Street, Eckhard Langer, Martin von Haartman, Yu Zhu, Baohua Niu, Erwin Hendarto, Bryan Tracy, Jochonia Nxumalo, Rik Otte, Keana C. K. Scott
Semiconductor technologies are advancing at a rapid pace, with ongoing developments in logic and memory scaling, the introduction of new materials and transistor architectures, and the integration of advanced packaging heterogeneous technologies such as

NIST SI Units Card Deck

November 1, 2023
Dinelka Jagoda, Elizabeth Benham
Welcome to the SI Units Card Deck! This interactive educational activity offers a fun way for students to enhance their understanding of the International System of Units (SI), including the Defining Constants, Base Units, Derived Units with Special Names

The NIST Silicon Lattice Comparator Upgrade

October 3, 2023
Marcus Mendenhall, James Cline, Csilla Szabo-Foster, Albert Henins
The NIST Silicon lattice comparator has ben in service in various forms since the 1970s. It is capable of measuring the difference in lattice spacing between specimens of high-quality float-zone silicon to delta-d/d approximately 6e-9. It has recently

Multi'omic Characterization of Human Whole Stool RGTMs

September 8, 2023
Amanda L. Bayless, Sandra M. Da Silva, Clay Davis, Abraham Kuri Cruz, Tracey Schock, Stephanie Servetas, Paulina Piotrowski
The gut microbiome plays a critical role in a vast and disparate set of health and disease states, including cancer and obesity. Human fecal is a complex mixture including microbes, proteins, undigested plant matter and fat content according to the diet

Quantifying the Effect of Guest Binding on Host Environment

August 29, 2023
Angela Stelson, Zack Fishman, Jacob Pawlik, Gosia Musial, Jim Booth, Chris Long, Kathleen Schwarz, Nate Orloff, Hugh Ryan, Angela Grommet, Jonathan Nitschke, Felix Rizzuto
The environment around a host-guest complex is defined by of intermolecular interactions between solvent molecules and counter ions. These interactions govern both the solubility of these complexes and the rates of reactions confined within them11. Such

National Institute of Standards and Technology Environmental Scan 2023: Societal and Technology Landscape to Inform Science and Technology Research

August 23, 2023
Ashley Boggs-Russell, Kerrianne Buchanan, David W. Griffith, Heather Evans, Dimitrios Meritis, Lisa Ng, Anna Sberegaeva, Michelle Stephens
The 2023 National Institute of Standards and Technology Environmental Scan provides an analysis of key external factors that could impact NIST and the fulfillment of its mission in coming years. The analyses were conducted through three separate lenses

An Evolving Regulatory Landscape for Commercial Electric Vehicle Fueling

August 22, 2023
Tina G. Butcher, Michael Nelson
Plug-in electric vehicles (PEV), which include "all-electric" battery EV (BEV) and plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV), comprise a rapidly growing proportion of the U.S. automobile market – nearly 8% of all light-duty vehicles sold in Oct. 2022, a 41.4% rise over

Fabrication of Specimens for Atom Probe Tomography using a Combined Gallium and Neon Focused Ion Beam Milling Approach

August 16, 2023
Frances Allen, Paul Blanchard, David Pappas, Russell Lake, Deying Xia, John Notte, Ruopeng Zhang, Andrew Minor, Norman A. Sanford
We demonstrate a new focused ion beam sample preparation method for atom probe tomography. The key aspect of the new method is that we use a neon ion beam for the final tip shaping after conventional annulus milling using gallium ions. This dual-ion

Measuring the permittivity tensor of anisotropic DyScO3 to 110 GHz

August 14, 2023
Florian Bergmann, Meagan Papac, Nick Jungwirth, Bryan Bosworth, Tomasz Karpisz, Anna Osella, Lucas Enright, Eric Marksz, Angela Stelson, Chris Long, Nate Orloff
DyScO3 (DSO) is an attractive substrate on which to grow epitaxial thin films with extraordinary materials physics. However, its highly anisotropic permittivity makes some measurements exceedingly difficult: For instance, its permittivity tensor has not

Recommendations for Setting a Criterion for Assessing Commutability of Secondary Calibrator Certified Reference Materials

August 11, 2023
W. Greg Miller, Thomas Keller, Jeffrey Budd, Jesper Johansen, Mauro Panteghini, Neil Greenberg, Vincent Delatour, Ferruccio Ceriotti, Robert Rej, Johanna Camara, Liesbet Deprez, Finlay MacKenzie, Alicia Lyle, Eline van der Hagen, Chris Burns, Pernille Fauskanger, Sverre Sandberg
A secondary higher-order calibrator is required to be commutable with clinical samples to be suitable for use in the calibration hierarchy of an end-user clinical laboratory in vitro diagnostic medical device (IVD-MD). Commutability is a property of a

Accurate measurement of the loss rate of cold atoms due to background gas collisions for the quantum-based cold atom vacuum standard

August 1, 2023
Daniel Barker, James A. Fedchak, Jacek Klos, Julia Scherschligt, Abrar Sheikh, Eite Tiesinga, Stephen Eckel
We present measurements of thermalized collisional rate coefficients for ultra-cold $^7$Li and $^87}$Rb colliding with room-temperature He, Ne, N$_2$, Ar, Kr, and Xe. In our experiments, a combined flowmeter and dynamic expansion system, a vacuum metrology

Non-nulling Protocols for Fast, Accurate, 3-D Velocity Measurements in Stacks

July 28, 2023
Iosif Isaakovich Shinder, Aaron Johnson, James Filla, Vladimir B. Khromchenko, Michael R. Moldover, Joey Boyd, John D. Wright, John R. Stoup
We present protocols for making fast, accurate, 3-D velocity measurements in the stacks of coal-fired power plants. The measurements are traceable to internationally-recognized standards; therefore, they provide a rigorous basis for measuring and/or
Displaying 1 - 25 of 2551