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Hopper Scales - Selecting the Appropriate Device

John W. Barton
The NIST Office of Weights and Measures (OWM) over time have received a number of inquiries regarding the suitability, use, and testing of hopper-type scales

Towards a “Periodic Table” of Bugs

Paul E. Black, Irena V. Bojanova, Yaacov Yesha, Yan Wu
High-confidence systems must not be vulnerable to attacks that reduce the security, reliability, or availability of the system as a whole. One collection of

Dedicated NOAA/JPSS VIIRS Ocean Color Calibration/Validation Cruise

Bettye C. Johnson, Michael Ondrusek, Eric Stengel, Veronica P. Lance, Menghua Wang, Kenneth Voss, Giuseppe Zibordi, Marko Talone, Zhongping Lee, Jianwei Wei, Junfang Lin, Chuanmin Hu, David English, Charles Kovach, Jennifer Cannizzaro, Alex Gilerson, Sam Ahmed, Ahmed El-Habashi, Robert Foster, Robert Arnone, Ryan Vandermeulen, Sherwin Ladner, Wesley Goode, Joaquim I. Goes, Helga de Rosario Gomes, Alex Chekalyuk, Kali McKee, Scott Freeman, Aimee Neeley, Amir Ibrahim
The NOAA/STAR Ocean Color team is focused on “end-to-end” production of ocean color satellite products. In situ validation of satellite data is essential to

Nanoscale Spin Valve Josephson Junction Devices

Burm Baek, William H. Rippard, Matthew R. Pufall, Samuel P. Benz, Stephen E. Russek, Horst Rogalla, Paul D. Dresselhaus
Traditionally, superconductivity and magnetism have had a mutually exclusive relationship. However, the physics of superconductor-ferromagnet hybrid structures

Analysis of VAES3 (FF2)

Morris J. Dworkin, Ray A. Perlner
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) specified three methods for format-preserving encryption (FPE) in Draft NIST Special Publication (SP)

Draining Test Measures and Provers

Gloria D. Lee
This article reviews the correct procedures for draining 5-gallon test measures and truck mounted provers, frequently asked questions concerning the test