NSRL Kaspersky dataset documentation

October 23, 2017
Alexander J. Nelson
The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) National Software Reference Library (NSRL) has created curated releases of the Reference Data Set (...

Advancements in Spintronics

September 25, 2017
Hideo Ohno, Mark D. Stiles, Bernard Dieny
Spintronics is the concept of using the spin degree of freedom to control electrical current to expand the capabilities of electronic devices. Over the last 10...

Channel Sounder Measurement Verification and Uncertainty

June 02, 2017
Catherine A. Remley, Jeanne T. Quimby, Paul D. Hale, Dylan F. Williams, Jeffrey A. Jargon, Rodney W. Leonhardt
This presentation describes channel-sounder measurement verification procedures including options such as comparing measurements to theory, conducted tests of...

MediFor Nimble Challenge Evaluation

April 17, 2017
Jonathan G. Fiscus, Haiying Guan, Yooyoung Lee, Amy N. Yates, Andrew P. Delgado, Daniel F. Zhou, Timothée N. Kheyrkhah