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Encouraging and Enabling Mutual Ownership in a RSE Community of Practice



Miranda Mundt, Jonathan Bisila, Jonathan E. Guyer, Daniel Howard, Daniel S. Katz, Reed Milewicz, Henry Schreiner, Joshua Teves, Chris Wiswell


The explosion of Research Software Engineers (RSEs) in the United States created the opportunity to form communities of practice (CoP), groups which share a passion for an activity and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly, specifically to benefit their local organization or region. CoPs, however, only succeed insofar as their members feel heard, included, and valued. As part of the 2022 US-RSE Virtual Workshop, Jonathan Bisila, Reed Milewicz, and Miranda Mundt of Sandia National Laboratories moderated the breakout session "Encouraging and Enabling Mutual Ownership in a RSE Community of Practice." In this session, participants from industry, academia, and national laboratories and agencies across the country joined together to create actionable suggestions for how to get members involved in a community of practice and how to make them feel invested and included.
The United States Research Software Engineer Association


research software engineering, software engineering, engineering profession, career paths, organizations, training, research softwarel, scientific computing, community, engagement


Mundt, M. , Bisila, J. , Guyer, J. , Howard, D. , Katz, D. , Milewicz, R. , Schreiner, H. , Teves, J. and Wiswell, C. (2022), Encouraging and Enabling Mutual Ownership in a RSE Community of Practice, The United States Research Software Engineer Association, [online],, (Accessed April 20, 2024)
Created November 21, 2022, Updated January 19, 2023